Monday, June 6, 2005

We Bought A Motorhome

It all started with the upcoming remodel of the house. After some serious discussions regarding where we would live while the house was being gutted and remodeled, we decided to take a go look at travel trailers. Some friends of ours lived in a travel trailer while they were building there house so we thought that might work for us. We could remain on the property while the work was being done. We made a list of places that sold travel trailers and set out to explore the unknown. We knew it would take several days to look at all there was to see. We set out early one Saturday morning and off we went.

The first dealership we came to was Holiday World of Dallas. This looked like a great place to start. They had a large lot full of trailers. We spent several hours checking out the different trailers. We couldn't believe how many different sizes and styles there were to choose from. The salesman, Rodney was great and just let us roam all over the lot. We must have asked a thousand questions. He didn't seem to mind and was very helpful. We decided it wouldn't hurt to look at the class "C" either. We discussed how nice it would be to have something that we could drive instead of pull. Rodney explained that the class "C" come in all sizes as well and that he had a motorhome on the lot with more living space. We explained to Rodney that we didn't plan on spending a lot of money and that is why we didn't even venture over the motorhome area of the lot. He told us that we really should take a look at the motorhomes just so that we could do some good comparison shopping.

The first motorhome we looked at was a monster of a rig. Wow! It was decked out with a beautiful color scheme on the exterior and the interior was nicer that most model homes we have been in. The price tag would be an even bigger monster at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. We laughed and told Rodney this was not for us.

He then insisted that we look at one more motorhome before we left. It was new but a year old and had a lot of the same amenities. We agreed to look at it before we left to visit the next dealership on our list.

Rodney lead us over to the motorhome he wanted us to see and then told us he would be back in a moment to go ahead and look it over. This one was not as large as the last one we looked at but was just as nice. The interior was done in earth tone color scheme and it had a nice layout. It was beautiful. We explored the interior and both thought that a maybe a motorhome was more what we wanted. We made a very big mistake. We fell in love with this motorhome. Rodney returned a few minutes later with keys in hand and started her up. It only took a minute for the air conditioning to cool the space down. Rodney explained about all the gadgets that this rig came equipped with. It has large ford engine, automatic levelers, back-up camera, two air conditioners, large holding tanks and a lot of other extras. This unit is a year old and the owner of the dealership was able make a good deal on it so could move it off the lot.

I don't know about this. It is so large. This thing is thirty-two feet long and twelve feet tall. I have driven school buses this size but this is a rolling house!

Rodney assured me that it was easy to drive and offered to let us take it for a test drive. I said, no. I didn't want to be responsible for damages I might inflict on this big beast if I ran over or into something.

He invited us us to come into the office and he would give us more information on it. Dawn loves numbers. She and Rodney spent an hour talking and going over numbers while I paced the floor. This was too mush too soon. This was our first dealership. Besides this thing was huge and I wasn't sure if either of us would be able to handle driving this thing down the road.

Well, an hour later we were the owners of a new motorhome. I still couldn't believe it. We were scheduled to return on Wednesday to take possession.

I was a nervous wreck. What on earth have we done?