Monday, August 16, 2010

Internet Down / New Tailgate

It has been terrible! Our Internet has been down and we are having serious withdraws!!!

It seems to be working fine this morning.

We had a busy weekend. We had lots of errands to run on Saturday morning and I had a family gathering that evening.

We happened on a wonderful prize while out running errands. We decided to stop by Camper Capital in Garland since we were in the area. We strolled through the store just window shopping and ran across a hose fitting we needed. Big six dollar purchase! As we were paying for a big purchase, we struck up a conversation with the manager. Dawn asked what the turn around time was on the tailgate orders. We know we will need an airflow tailgate and needed to know how long it would take to ship. The manager told us it usually takes a couple of days at most. The tailgate we want cost about four hundred dollars and we just couldn't afford to get it right now.

He asked what year the truck was and then asked if we could wait a minute while he checked something out. I few minutes later he returned. He said he had a 2004 Airflow tailgate that had been order last year and the customer never came to get it. He said he would sell it to us for the cost of the lowest price tailgate in the catalog. We looked it up in the catalog and was surprised to see one hundred and seventy-eight dollars. Wow! we'll take it.

He went back to the storage room and came back with a box that had about an inch of dirt on it. He told us he wouldn't be charging us any thing extra for the dirt!!

We were in the Saturn so we removed the tailgate from the box, laid down the back seats of the car and placed it in the trunk. Wow! I am so excited. What a deal!