Friday, October 1, 2010

Tie it Down

I was just reading a post that was written by Kevin and Evelyn ( about a near serious accident due to a ladder and a step stool that had fallen out on the interstate. Lucky for them they didn’t have a serious accident. They did however, have damage to their trailer.

It just blows my mind that people will throw anything in the back of a truck and jump on the freeway without tying it down. We spend a lot of time on the freeway and currently live on a two-lane state highway with a speed limit of 55 MPH and there are no shoulders.

I cannot tell you how often we have witnessed people hauling past our house with stuff blowing out of the back of their vehicles. Not long ago, someone lost a futon and it landed in the middle of the highway. We ran out and pulled it aside before it caused a serious accident. The driver never slowed down. I guess he didn’t realize it had flown out. I guess he will figure it out when he gets to his destination!

Someone else lost a beautiful antique china cabinet. The bed of his truck was full of antiques furniture. Nothing was tied down. He did stop and threw the pieces into the truck. You could tell he was very upset by it.

Another truck lost a yard swing and frame. He stopped, looked it over and drug it into the ditch in front of our house and left it!

Each week before we mow, we have to walk the ditch in front of our house to pick up trash. We pick up beer cans, beer and coke bottles, fast food containers, gloves, socks, feed sacks and paper.

We’ve driven down the interstate and have seen mattresses, ice chest, furniture, bags of clothes, boxes, tires, ladders, brooms, lifejackets, air mattresses, box springs and there was a large awning that fell off a RV. Recently we hit an icemaker box out of a refrigerator.

We don’t leave any kind of trash in the bed of our truck. We don’t want to litter. When we haul stuff we always tie it down. Sure, tying it down takes extra time, but we don’t want to lose anything in route.

I believe these people that have stuff in the bed of their trucks that are not tied down should not be allowed on the road. Not sure how we could enforce it. Stuff blowing out of trucks and cars can cause serious accidents and death.

Enough venting for now.


  1. Great post, and I am with you 100%. Everyone is always in such a hurry, but if they would just do things right to begin with, they would save themselves a lot of time in the long run. Stay safe and thanks for cleaning the highway. We need more people like you.

  2. Or not clean out the snow accumlated on the car top... once frozen they turn into a sheet of hard ice and could cause problem for the others... our state has enforced a law to fine those who don't clean up their car tops before they hit the road, but I still see many of them around.

  3. One of my greatest fears when I'm driving down the road is flying objects from trucks. You just can't manuever these big rigs fast enough to get out of the way! Ugh!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up!...What's your address?...I want to avoid that travel route! once lived on a state highway and remember witnessing a very serious accident. It always seemed to gather a lot of debris.

  5. Amen!! It doesn't take THAT much extra time to secure things before hitting the highway/interstates. When you are driving a big rig you don't have stopping time that a car might have. It makes me shutter!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. We try to avoid the loose cannons on the highway.
    Be careful out there