Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanks a Million

We want to say “THANKS a MILLION” for all your comments and leads on the insurance information. We have compiled a list and started making phone calls. This fulltimers RV insurance is like a foreign language. We’re trying to learn all the insurance lingo. Good exercise for the brain!

We hope to have all our quotes together by the end of next week. Once we get all our quotes, we’ll be spending some time looking them over. We want to make sure we choose the insurance that best fit our needs.

We also really appreciate all the comments about the sewer tote too. Even though most of you said you didn’t have one and didn’t plan to get one, we ordered one.

We’re now the owners a Barker 32 Gallon Four Wheel RV Tote Tank. We ordered it from RV Parts Country on Tuesday afternoon and it was delivered Wednesday afternoon. WOW! That was fast. The tote tank is large but it’s exactly what we needed.

The reason we made the decision to buy it was because we enjoy staying in State Parks and Corp Parks. Our experience has been that most don’t have sewer hook ups. We plan on using this tote for our gray water only. I’m one of those people that have to take a shower in the morning and one at night. Now you see can surely understand why we might have a need for this tote. What can I say; I’m just a clean person! LOL

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Glad to hear you got one... even though we don't use them we do have a lot of friends who do... We also frequent State PArks & COE but like I mentioned we have huge holding tanks and can go a long time... plus not all but a good deal of parks let you dump the gray...
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE my RV "navy" shower!!! I love to get the little electric heater on, close the bedroom door, turn on the TV, close the shades and get in a nice hot clean shower...all to myself..Some peeps don't use their RV shower, but McGuyver and I always do...I think you will like the "blue tank"..We wouldn't travel without it!! McGuyver uses a bungee tie to make sure he doesnt' lose it when he pulls it to the dump station...that would NOT be good...You're getting closer to gettin' on the road!!!

  3. Glad you guys are getting the insurance thing taken care of. Gathering information and then comparing what each covers along with the cost and deductible takes forever.
    We have always Gilbert and are pleased with their service.
    Good luck!!