Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Stuff

We had a productive weekend. Friday night Dawn prepared a Cajun dinner. We had gumbo and cilantro shrimp cocktail with Baggett bread. Man O Man, it was a really great meal. Dawn is such a great cook and I’m not sure if it is a good thing or not. I’m thinking if she wasn’t a good cook, I might be a little thinner!

Saturday morning we got up and drove to Wal-Mart for a morning walk. Dawn does this daily. In the winter months she and a friend walk inside the local super Wal-Mart.

In the summer months they walk through a local park that has nice concrete walking trails.

Yes, I was up at six on a Saturday morning to go walking with her. After our walk we ran a few errands than went home. At home we packed a few more plastic storage totes and I hauled them out to the RV garage. We removed everything from the linen closet and packed it up. We’re making more progress.

Saturday night we had dinner with friends at Four Winds Steakhouse. The steak house is located off the beaten path on a ranch with 1,100 acres of beautiful large old oaks. The place is owned by former Dallas Cowboy Lee Roy Jordan. The steak house is a rustic looking ranch house with a large covered front porch. Inside was a huge rock fireplace. The Four Winds chef is Frank Rumoré.

Dawn and I had the House Made Mozzarella, Tomato, Onion and mixed greens salad with Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette. It was wonderful.

We had 6 oz.Filet Mignon with whipped potatoes and green beans. It was absolutely delicious.

Of course the best part of the meal was spending time with our very best friends. We talked, laughed and had a great time.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Steak N Shake. Cheese burgers for breakfast. Life is good! Ran a few errands and then back home to pack a few more boxes and totes.

By six p.m. I was worn out. I had to fight to keep awake until seven-thirty. I finally threw in the towel and went to bed.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Sounds like you are really getting ready to RV it around the country!! Cajun dinners, Filets, burgers for breakfast....I need to travel with you two!!! There isn't one thing you ate that I wouldn't have noshed on too!!! Stay warm...I guess this isn't a good year for Winter Texans..but it's still LOTS better than Illinois!

  2. My Hubby loves Steak and Shake. We ate there sometimes while still in Indy. You all had yourselves a very busy, but fun week end.

  3. "Sunday morning we had breakfast at Steak N Shake. Cheese burgers for breakfast." Oh my!!! LOL!

  4. sounds like a great weekend at your house!..making progress is a great thing!!!

  5. Cheeseburgers for breakfast - now you're talking! You guys really know how to live!!

  6. Yupper... between going out & Dawns cooking watch out! ***Danger Danger*** I know that's what has fattened me up... well not Dawns cooking but mine and we go out alot to eat!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  7. This would be a tough blog entry to read if you were on a diet! :)