Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chasing Our Tails

It sure is becoming more and more difficult to watch while everyone else is starting their full timing dreams. I realize we’re doing the best we can but there are times when it seems as though we’re moving in slow motion. I’m tired of boxing up STUFF and moving boxes. I’m sick of having garage sales. I just want it to all be done. I’m ready to move on the next chapter.

We’re just so jealous to read that Heyduke and bride  have sold everything but the house which currently has a contract pending. Annie and Roxi  will be heading out on the open road real soon since Annie has been laid off effective today. George and Laurie have the house on the market and have had some lookers. Looks like Gin and Syl  are still planning on hitting the road this fall.

We’re just getting very impatient because we still have so much to take care of. Sometimes we feel like a dog chasing its tail! Seems we’re just going in circles. This has been a long drawn out process for us. We have been having garage sales for roughly three years now. We had to do it this way because we had her parents STUFF, our catering STUFF, Bed & Breakfast STUFF, her STUFF and my STUFF. Folks, I’m here to tell ya that’s a lot of STUFF!

But wait a minute, as I say that I also suddenly remember all we have done. We have done a lot, a whole lot! We are doing pretty well actually. Our garage sale STUFF is now down to a single car garage. We might be able to get rid of this STUFF in a couple of more sales.

What will we do with all that STUFF gone? We will celebrate!!!!!!!

We will no longer be known as the garage sale ladies.

Suddenly, things are looking up. I need to just quit feeling sorry for myself and get my big A** in gear and take care of the rest of this STUFF so we can get out there too.

Sorry don’t have time to blog, we gota get busy!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise