Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Leaf State Park - Braggs, OK

On June 30th  we said our sad good byes to our camping sisters and left Beavers Bend Resort State Park after 10:00. 

We had a bit of serious trouble before we even got out of the park. We were driving about 25 to 30 MPH down the hilly, curvy roads when Dawn noticed that a rear window was down and that Abby was lying beside it with her hair blowing in the wind. Dawn told me to roll up the window as she tried frantically to reach her hand through the pet barrier and grab Abby. I was pushing the window button but it wasn’t going up. Dawn’s hand wouldn’t fit through the wire of the barrier. The entire time she was trying to get Abby to come over to the barrier but she didn’t want to lose her place by the open window. 

Meanwhile, I was doing my best to pull over off the surface of the road without getting into the ditch. I finally got the truck and trailer stopped; I jumped out to see Abby about to leap out the window. Dawn and I were very shaken and it took us a minute to calm down. I rolled up the window and secured Abby back in her place; I realized the reason the rear window would not roll up was because Abby had her foot on the button. Once back in the driver’s seat I pushed the window lock. We took a few deep breaths and moved on down the road. We finally recovered from our scare when we were approaching a stop sign and I realized we didn’t have any trailer breaks. I was able to stop the truck and trailer without any serious problems. I pulled onto the side of the road and checked our trailer connection. The connection had come loose. I plugged it back in and we were back on the road.

This is Abby, the kid that likes to ride with the window down

We drove north along the Indian Nation Turn pike to McAlester. We experienced a lot of road construction along the way and some rough pavement but we made it safe and sound. We pulled into Green Leaf State Park around 3:00. It is a very nice little state park 20 miles south of Muskogee, OK. We are staying in the Gobbler Ridge area. Deer and turkey roam thru the park. We almost have the park to ourselves. We have a nice level site with shade trees, 50 amp service, good water pressure and a great view. We paid $20.00 per night. We still can’t get phone service but we do have TV.

Friday we drove to Muskogee. We treated ourselves to lunch at an Amish Restaurant. Lunch was really good. I had the pot roast with green beans and salad. Dawn had Amish ham, mashed potatoes and salad. They dinner rolls were melt in your mouth good. We also had dessert. Dawn had chocolate pie and I had lemmon. We also grabbed a couple of the fried pies (lemon and Blackberry).  

We stopped by Kmart and Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. We plan on exploring the area more before we leave.

Yesterday we drove into Sallisaw to explore. We stopped by Long John Silvers and had lunch. We also stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up a few groceries. We grilled chicken, fried okra with yellow squash, cantaloupe and stuff jalapenos for dinner. Life is good!
Just a side note; Oklahoma state parks recognize Good Sam’s. That is great news. Our Camp site with 50 amp is $18.00 not $20.00. We love a bargain! We have decided to stay here at Green Leak SP for another couple of weeks. We have to move to another site for a couple of days due to an RV Rally. We don’t mind moving to another site for a few days. We didn’t realize until today that our current site was reserved. We drove up to the park office to see about getting another site. Mary Ellen at the office mentioned said only one 50 amp site is not reserved and it doesn’t have any trees. She told us that Tenkiller state park, which is only nine miles away, has full hookups for a couple of dollars more per night and she said the lake is beautiful. She was nice enough to call over and make us reservations. We decided to drive over and check it out. We loaded up the dogs and drove to Tenkiller sp.

MaryEllen was right the lake is beautiful. The small RV area with full hookups is very compact and the RV’s are packed in tight. We drove back to Green Leaf and told MaryEllen we wanted to stay here at Green Leaf sp. She gave us the last remaining 50 amp site and called Tenkiller and canceled our reservations.
This is a really nice park with most sites shaded. The deer and turkey graze through the park every morning. The sites are spread out with the exception of a few. They have a swimming pool, laundry, marina and miniature golf. The walking trails are asphalt.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. That is just so scary about Abby. Our dog is named Abby, by the way, and we almost lost her through an open window when she was brand new to us and our motorhome was brand new as well. Glad for the good outcome. hair raising, for sure! Enjoy your time at the park.

  2. Sounds like Abby did not want her window rolled up! Sometimes just getting out of (or in, for that matter) the campground can be the most exciting part of the day's journey. Well, perhaps "exciting" is not the right word . . . :) Glad everything worked out okay. Sounds like you gals are enjoying yourselves. I'm glad. Cheers!

  3. sounds like you ended up in a nice park after a hair raising morning...

  4. Wow, that was a couple of scares for sure. Glad Abby was rescued before she went out the window. And then no brakes! Welcome to the world of RVing! Looks like a nice park you are in - glad to read you are staying a couple of weeks. So many newbies think they are on vacation and have to get everywhere and back in a couple of weeks. To me, going slow is best.

  5. The only thing you can be sure of when RVing is, just like home, there WILL be harrowing times..We have had some dandys!! So, sit back, enjoy, and when those times come, know that someone, somewhere down the road has "been there, done that"...And , by the way,we need to make another stop...I'm almost out of Rum :-))

  6. How about some pics of that state park? :)

  7. Thank God you were able to get to your dog before she got out of the window. The brake thing usually happens to all of us sooner or later. I think your park sounds fabulous. Stay safe.

  8. glad to hear that all went well with Abby!..paw on the button..smelling the air..she was having a grand time!!..Momma said there would be days like this!!!..

  9. I.M. of the mind that if'n it weren't not fer things like the winder and the breaks a happenin', the RV mobile, mobile home life would be borin'. Glad it all worked out fer y'all, and keep on a experiencin' the good life on the road and lettin' us knows about it.

  10. Isn't being on the road, discovering new places the greatest thing? Glad your pup is fine. As to the trailer brakes, just add it to the take off check list. Pretty soon this will all be rote.