Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Food and Good Friends

We have been exploring Oklahoma City. On Friday we took the fur kids to a different dog park. They were so busy running the fence barking and checking out the large dogs that they didn’t really pay any attention to the only other small dog (a pug) that was in the small dog area with them.

They had a great time and it didn’t take long to wear them out. After about forty-five minutes we loaded them up and took them home for a nap.
Once we got fur kids home, Dawn and I decided to drive around and see what we could find to get into. We found the Dollar Tree and stopped in to pick up a few things we needed. We found a Chinese buffet restaurant that had the largest buffet we have ever seen. We stuffed ourselves like hungry pigs at slopping time. We decided after lunch we needed to return to the fiver and get in some recliner time before our next meal!!!!

Yesterday we spent most of the just holding down our recliners. Our friends that live here in OK City invited us for dinner. Well, here we go again, we bellied up to their table and enjoyed boiled shrimp, baked potato and salad. We were so stuff we could hardly move. After dinner we sat out on their patio and had a great visit.  The dinner was really good and the company was even better.  They surprised Dawn with a bag of roasted hatched chilies they found at a local grocery store yesterday. Dawn loves her some hatched chilies. She was so excited she can hardly wait to cook something with them.

This morning we decided we would get out early and go the grocery store. Well, we didn’t get out too early and we passed a restaurant called Jimmy’s Egg that another friend had recommended. We made a last minute decision to stop in for some breakfast. Boy, I’m glad we did! The food was great and the price very reasonable.

Seems as though we are headed down a destructive path. We like to eat and there are lots of good restaurants here to tempt the taste buds.

This afternoon we were surprised by a visit from our friends that fixed the really great dinner for us last night. They stopped by for a visit.  They were out riding their scooters and decided to stop in.

Tonight we had dinner at home and Dawn used some of her hatched green chillies.
I am having problems posting comments on other peoples blogs. I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm hoping to get it resolved soon.
Travel Safe Dawn and Denise