Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Weekend

We spent Saturday with Beccy and Donna. They invited us to go with them to Leisure Time RV to look at a few fifth wheels. They plan to become full-timers in a few years and have been looking at the Keystone Montana fifth wheel. It was fun to walk thru the fifth wheels and see all the new updates. Dawn and I fell in love with one we could see ourselves living in.

After checking out all the fifth wheels, we went for burger. We had lunch at Irma’s Burger Shack. It was a very good burger and the fries were good too.
After filling our bellies with a really filling lunch we to the movies. We all wanted to the see the movie “The Help”. This is an excellent movie.  
For dinner Donna and Beccy grilled steaks. They also served baked potatoes and salad. Dinner was wonderful.

Did I mention that Dawn is suffering with cluster headaches again? She is now in the second week. They seem to be seasonal. She has them in the spring and again in the fall.
 Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Be careful when you go out an kick tires on new RVs. Sometimes they kick back and follow you home! ;c)

    Happend to us three times...

  2. I have heard of people who suffer from stomach ailments having trouble always in Spring and Fall...Maybe those headaches are like that...I know my sinuses can go crazy in damp weather! Yeah, those Montanas (some) have a fireplace..We sure love our electric fireplace in our Hiker!!!

  3. Hope her headaches don't last too long.

  4. We just finished reading the book"The Help" to each other. The Southern accent is not a stretch at all for us. We'll catch the movie soon.