Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change of the Seasons

Time sure gets away from you when you’re having fun!!!!!!

Tonight we had a pizza party for all those winter Texans that remain here at our park. Everyone gathered at the end of the block and shared a slice of pizza and a laugh. There is never a dull moment when everyone gets together!

We’ve been busy having fun. We’ve spent a lot of our time recently visiting with our winter Texan friends who are slowly leaving to migrate back to their northern homes. We’ve made so many new friends while staying here in Rockport.

Many of the people here are from Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. There is a couple from Quebec and a couple from Alaska.

There are only a few other Texans that stay in this park.

Anyway, our new friends are slowly leaving the park. Tomorrow there are three RV’s scheduled to pull out. On Friday a couple of more will be leaving. It is sad to see them leave but we know we will all be migrating back here next fall.

Meanwhile, the empty sites are being filled with summer campers and spring breakers. Let me just say there is definitely a big difference between winter Texans and summer campers. First of all, winter Texans are friendly people that are happy to help their neighbor and rarely do you see any children. They also respect the quite hours of the park. At night you never know there is anyone else is in the place. The traffic on the roads is lite and moves at a slow pace. The grocery store is full of electric scooters and slow moving carts.

The spring breakers and summer campers come in with radios blaring, at least one kid and a dog hanging out each window of the vehicle. They make noise from the time they get up until the wee hours of the morning. There is suddenly tons of traffic on the roads and they are driving much faster. The grocery store is now filling with people wearing not much more then bathing suits toting beer and ice.

It’s called the change of the seasons here in the gulf area. It is an interesting thing to witness! We are so glad that we will be heading north when the majority of the summer campers will be moving into their sites here the gulf area.

 Good Lord, I sound like an old grouch!