Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our First Day as Gate Attendants

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 79 Low 60, Sunny

WOW! What a day. Today was our first day as gate attendants. We opened the office at 6:00 AM and had people at our window by 6:30 AM!

The early birds are fishermen! Anyway, we had a busy morning before our gate attendant coordinator showed up to get us logged into the computer.

Our gate attendant coordinator is also a park ranger and is a very busy guy. Thank goodness he is also a patient guy too!

He got us all setup on the computer and gave us a crash course on the park reservation software and off he went.

Before 10:00 AM this morning we had several RV’s with reservations pull in. Luckily for us, our partner gate attendants (Ted and Barbara) came over to lend a helping hand if needed. They are wonderful people and have been doing this for 14 years. They are also very patient people!

Dawn has taken over FULL control of the gate opening button! She has turned into a control freak over this button.

 This little button opens and closes the entrance gate. 

For the most part the day has been on and off busy. This is a GOOD thing since we're learning.

At this time we're dealing mostly with Day Use for fishermen. They pay $4.00 and use the boat ramps.

We've many end-of-day reports to do at closing at 10:00 PM. A very nice fellow gate attendant has called to say he would help us out if we needed his assistance with the reports. These people are so helpful. We're told that all the gate attendants are like family and help each other out. Now we have a new summer family!

We made it through our first day without getting yelled at or fired! We look forward to many more to come.

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