Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Work and More Work

Lavon, Texas
Lavonia Park
Weather Condition; High 56 Low 40, Clear

Well, we’re still taking full advantage of the hyper son’s visit!

He spent an afternoon sanding and repainting the fifth wheel hitch. Looks very nice.

He tore out the interior steps I built this past summer and rebuilt them. I’m not a carpenter by any means, but they have worked well for us until they started squeaking!

He also added foam board insulation in the basement. That has already made a big difference. Over time, the basement doors leak air and there wasn’t any real insulation in the basement area.

We do let him rest occasionally!

Dawn and I also invested in a DISH Tailgater satellite and DISH receiver. We bought them both at Camping World.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on this system and most of them are good ones.

We drove over to Camping World in Denton. The store manager told us they have a hard time keeping the Tailgater satellite in stock. He said that the so far the only ones that have been returned are the ones that were sold on-line and delivered through shipping. He said he believes that he thinks that because the large box is so light weight that the delivery companies chunk the boxes.

The satellite itself is very lightweight. It comes with a fifty foot coax cable.

The setup was very easy. I hooked the DISH receiver up to the TV, connected the coax cable, pointed the tailgater towards the southern sky per instruction and Walla we were ready to call DSH and activate our account.

It took ten minutes to hook everything up and ten minutes on the phone to activate our account. We now have our choice of more channels than we’ll ever be able to watch!

Time to get back to work now

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