Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Garage Sale

Another Garage Sale, We had a pretty successful garage sale today. The weather was great and we sold a lot of STUFF that has been in our garage sale from the beginning. On occasion, after a garage sale I will box up STUFF that has been setting out from prior sales and take it to the local charity store. I didn’t have to this go round!

We sold enough STUFF that I will have plenty of room to restock our tables for the next sale.

Dawn and some really close friends spent most of the day dragging old farm implements from behind the building up to the driveway and loading a trailer with old scrap metal to sell. Dawn will be taking the trailer to the scrap yard on Tuesday. We have already sold a few of the farm implements to friends to use as yard art!

Scrap metal isn’t bringing a lot of money but we have to get rid of this STUFF.

We have three mattress and four box springs that have to go too. We have some old wood and some other odd and inns that are just trash. Our town has a spring clean event each year and we have plenty to add to their dumpster.

It takes time and we are slowly getting there!