Monday, February 23, 2015

Weather, Construction and FUN!

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Cloudy, 26 degrees with sleet

This has been a mild winter here in north Texas until this week. The sleet and snow started last night and now the ground is covered. The weatherman is calling for more of the same tonight.

The contractor started the park entrance road a few weeks ago. The construction company brought in all kinds of heavy equipment and used orange safety fencing and barricades to close the entrance. There are large signs on the barricades warning the road is closed. The US Army Corps of Engineers have posted signs letting people know the park is closed too.

This was all done prior to the road being dug up. Currently the road has been removed from one side to the other leaving a 2 foot deep hole.

Those signs, orange safety fence and barricades don’t mean anything to the fine folks in this area!

We have watched people walk pasted the all that and get on their hands and knees and crawl under the safety fence and climb in and out of the large hole to enter the park.

The really sad part is, once they enter the park, I have to tell them the area is off-limits and they have to leave!

This has happened more than once!!!!!   

What is WRONG with people?

The contractor said he had a man pulling a boat stop and ask if could move his equipment so he could enter the park!!!!!!????!!

We have watched people enter the construction area and try to come into the park. The contractor had to run them out.

I wonder how these people have lived this long?!? There seem to be a lot of folks out there that don’t think the signs, fences and locked gates apply to them.

Dawn and I took advantage of a couple of warm weather days to paint the new fence and gates here. It took most of the day. The pipe was very rusty and we had to knock most of that off before we could start painting.

We are very proud of our paint job.

We plan of doing more painting once the weather allows.

We spent one afternoon with a few friends for some lunch and bowling. We always have a great time when we get together!

We also spent one afternoon with friends at the Dallas Super RV show.

While there, Dawn and I walked through our dream fiver, the 2015 Bay Hill.

We also had drinks and some eats at the Truck Yard. It’s a very neat place where local food trucks park. The yard has a bar and a stage. The trucks rotate so there are different trucks on different days. We spent a few hours there sampling the different beers and food.

We’ve seen the eagle a few more times. 

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