Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Truck A/C and Visiting with Friends

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 98 degrees

The past four days were very busy for us. Our friends Peter and Judy returned for another four day visit.

On Monday we had to put our truck in the shop. The a/c motor quit working. These two old fat girls can handle driving in this heat without the a/c!

We also needed to have the speedometer looked at. On occasion it just stopped working. I read on the internet that Chevy trucks had a problem with the speedometer. There was a recall a few years ago and we didn’t know about it in time to get it fixed for free.

Before taking our truck to the shop, we had to pick up a rental car. We rented a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Plus. Nice!
Driving a small car is very different after driving our big road hog truck!

Anyway, we were told that the service department was running a day behind and that it might be awhile before they could get to our truck. That’s the reason for renting a car.

In between running our errands and taking care of vehicle issues, we still had to time to visit with Peter and Judy.

We were very excited when the service manager called us late yesterday afternoon to tell us that our truck was ready.

We hurried to the repair shop and picked up our truck and then to the car rental place to return the rental car.

That running around saved us a little cash. We only had to rent the car for two day verses a week!

We are happy gals now that we have our truck back.

We stopped by and visited with our friends who will be pulling out tomorrow.

We are exhausted needless to say.

Today we started our four day shift. This is going to be a busy shift since it’s a holiday weekend.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Visitors and Other Stuff

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 97 degrees

We had company!

Our friends Peter and Judy are here. They came in last Thursday. We met up with them in Kaufman, Texas and brought them in the back way to the lake. This way they could avoid all the Dallas traffic.

They followed us in to a neighboring park. Our park only has 30 amp and they need 50 amp so they are stayed at one of the other parks.

We’ve had a great time visiting with them. We’ve taken them to the laundromat.  Nothing like some good clean fun with friends!

We’ve eaten at some of our favorite places and played a few rounds of FastTrac.

They left yesterday to have some blinds repaired and then off to Durant, Oklahoma to play while we work.

The good news is, they’re coming back by for a four day visit before heading out.

Things have been really slow here at the park. School is about to start in a couple of weeks and it’s just too hot.

The lake levels are still very low and with only one boat ramp open, people are just not interested in driving so far to launch their boats.

Last Saturday a 27 year old man drowns after diving off a party barge.

Sunday night there was a near drowning when a boat capsized with one man aboard.

Today however has been interesting. This afternoon a car pulled up to the gatehouse. I recognized them right away. They are a young couple (late 20’s/ early 30’s) they are regular campers here.

They camp here with her parents. Her father died a couple of months ago. They have accompanied her mother in a couple of camping trips here since.

Anyway, the young couple asked to go into the park for a few minutes. They needed some alone time to talk.

I opened the gate and let them enter. I noticed they drove into the camping area of the park.

Thirty minutes later they exited the park and drove back to the gatehouse window. I opened the window and they both were beaming with huge smiles.

The young man looked over at the young lady and asked her if she was going to tell me the news. I said, yes tell me the news.

She leaned over him with her hand raised showing me a shiny new ring. She told me he proposed to her at their usual campsite. It was on that same site that her boyfriend had asked her father for his blessing months ago. It was her father’s last camping trip. Her boyfriend has patiently waited for a proper amount of time to pass before proposing.

It melted my heart. What a romantic story.

They were just beaming with excitement and we’re very happy for them.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Park Closing for the Winter

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Cloudy, 95 degrees

We haven’t posted lately because our work here has been kinda boring.

This park isn’t as entertaining as the park we worked last summer.

We recently received news that our park will be closing for the winter in order to make repairs to the park entrance. No gate attendant work for us this winter!

We still have a contracted obligation for next summer. That will be our last season here as gate attendants. We’ve enjoyed the gig but we’re ready to get back on the road!

After some discussion, we decided to sign up as volunteers for the winter. We’ll just stay here at our present location and be park security while the park is closed and do whatever it is they need us to do.

We’re planning on a few short trips this winter but we’ll drive the truck and stay in a hotel.

We have learned a few things about ourselves while being gate attendants this past year. One being, we’ve really missed the gypsy lifestyle. We miss exploring. We are from this area and so there’s NOT much exploring here to do.

The fact that the lake levels are so low makes the camping business here kinda of slow. The heat doesn’t help either.

Anyway, we have filled out the paperwork to become park volunteers and have passed the background checks. We should be in business as soon as our summer season contract is done.

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