Saturday, November 21, 2015

Southern Bird Watching

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Repairs and More Repairs

Rockport, Texas
Weather Conditions; Clear, 72 degrees

We’ve been really busy since our arrival here in Rockport, Texas.

We’re staying in a park we’ve not stayed in before. We have a rock site. We parked and got all situated be after a few days we were leaning a little to one side.

We hooked back up to the truck and backed up a few feet and now we’re nice and level.

We have slowly been losing water pressure at the kitchen faucet for a few weeks. I had to work on that.

I believe the problem was from sitting for two years in a park with hard water. Once we started traveling all that scale was knocked loose and it plugged up the brass water line at the faucet.

I took the line loose from the faucet and had a good bit of scale come out. I ran a pipe cleaner through the line and put everything back together.

The water was finally coming out of the faucet but it was little more than a drip.

I took everything apart again and ran the pipe cleaner back through the brass line. This time I tapped it up and down with the pliers.

Hooked everything back up and we had a little more water but still not a normal flow.

While the faucet was on, I started tapping up and down the brass part of the pipe and it knocked everything loose.  It sounds easy but this took most of the day to get it fixed!!

Next problem was with the DISH Tailgater. I had to call DISH and ask them to change my address so that we could get local channels.

We have TV! Well, for a short time we did! The next it was the same, no local channels. I had to call DISH again. They UPDATED our info and again we have local channels.

The next day we had problems again. We bought a new cable and I mounted a board on the top of our roof ladder. I then placed the DISH on top of that and strapped it down. It looks a little REDNECK but it works.

We spent an afternoon cleaning house and doing laundry.

My driver’s license expired on Friday the 13th so I had to go to the local DMV to get that renewed. That took a couple of hours.

Our new neighbor  (Sam)had a birthday and we were invited to go out with them for dinner. That was FUN.

My birthday was Friday so several of us went out for breakfast. Sam had invited a couple he met the day before to join us. Just so happens that it was Ray's birthday too. We were served key lime pie after breakfast. That was real FUN!

Today Dawn and I decided to go over to Port Aransas and do some exploring.

We got off the ferry and to the second signal light when the truck started making a funny noise and the check engine light came on. I pulled into a parking lot and killed the truck.

We raised the hood and looked under the truck. Everything looked fine. I then called my son in Oklahoma and told him what was going on.

He asked me our location and then told me to hang tight that he would call me right back.

He called back a minute later and asked me to crank the truck. I did. The noise was gone but the engine light was still on. I killed the truck and he told me he would call me right back.

A minute later he called back and gave me direction to a mechanic shop a block away. He stayed on the phone with me giving me turn by turn directions.

When we pulled up to the shop, a man met us at the door and asked if we had just called. He asked me to crank the truck. I did and it ran fine and the engine light was off.

He then hooked up a diagnostic tool and checked for codes. My son called back and talked with the mechanic on the phone. It appears we have a fuel injection problem.

WOW! I'm so GRATEFUL that my son is mechanically inclined and doesn't mind helping his mom.


The mechanic explained that his shop is not equipped to handle that kind of repair. So we arranged with him to have the truck towed to the Chev dealership in Aransas Pass.

We called our friends Peter and Judy to rescue us. They were nice enough to leave the local RV Store open house in Rockport and come pick us up.

They were kind enough to stop by Wal-Mart so we could stock up on dog food and a few other things since we don’t know how long we’ll be without a truck.

Needless to say we arrived here on the 1st and have been pretty busy ever since

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A couple of Days in La Grange

Southern Texas
Weather Conditions; Clear, 78 degrees

We pulled out of Corsicana a little before 10:00 A.M following Peter and Judy moving south to our next stop.

We stopped in LaGrange, Texas for a couple of days.

We only have about 150 miles to go but the weather channel said it to be stormy for a couple of days and we decided to park it until the storms pass.

We stayed at Colorado Landing RV Park. 

The park is very nice. They have 76 RV site and all are very level.

The sites are gravel with full hook ups. They also have cable and Wi-Fi.

We stayed in site 69. This site is a pull thru.

We checked in and were all set up by 3:00 P.M.

Judy and Peter wanted to take us to Reba’s Deli and Pizzeria for lunch.

 The pizza was excellent. After our late lunch, we stopped by H-E-B.

Dawn has missed shopping at H-E-B.  I was very excited to see they had Blue Bell ice cream.

I bought 3 pints! YUMMY!!!!! That should do me until we get to Rockport.

Today it’s raining here and flooding in Austin and we’re under a tornado watch until late this evening.

We’re just going to sit here until this passes over before moving on down to Rockport.

These deer are in a field with the cows next door to the park.

This is the courthouse in La Grange

This is the old jail that is now the visitors center

We pulled out of La Grange on Sunday morning and followed Peter and Judy the 145 miles to Rockport.

WOW! We're so happy to be here
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