Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank Goodness for Silicone

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 74, Low 57,

On Thursday afternoon I went to retrieve a roll of toilet paper from under the lavatory to find a roll of very soaked TP! @*!%@!

We just replaced a leaking faucet a couple of weeks ago. I got on my hands and knees and removed everything from underneath the lavatory and started searching for the leak. I noticed at the very back of the lavatory under a water line was water. O.K I have found the water leak but it’s on a water line and I don’t have the tools to make the repairs.

I emptied the basement and removed the light-weight plastic wall that protects the water lines in the basement area. I used my flashlight and looked at all the water lines and didn’t see any other water and could see nothing leaking. I turned off the water and called Jeff our new best-friend (RV Repairman). He was working in another city and said he would be by later in the afternoon.

Dawn and I hung around here. We waited and waited. About five o’clock I called Jeff and asked if he was going to be able to stop by. He said the repair he was working on took longer than he had planned and that he wouldn’t be able to make it until the following morning.

I put everything back into the basement. That is a task. Everything has to go in just so, so!

We’re so glad the club house has showers. They come in handy when something like this happens. We packed our lil shower bag and went to the club house for our showers.

We had dinner out.

Friday morning we got up walked the dogs and again unloaded the basement. I want everything to be out of the way and ready so the clock isn’t running on RV repair time, while I clear the basement, in case Jeff has to go in there for the repair. We waited for Jeff to show up to fix our water leak. We waited and waited. I finally called Jeff about ten o’clock. He explained he had twisted his knee and was moving kinda slow but would be coming by.

Several hours later, Jeff showed up. He was moving pretty slow. He said he thought he must have torn something in his knee and was not feeling so good.

He came into the trailer, went into the bathroom and laid down on the floor. He had flashlight in hand and looked under the lavatory and under the shower. Dawn turned the water back on and Jeff and I waited for the leaking water to appear. We waited and waited. No water leak! I told Jeff I knew we had a leak and had used a towel to clean it up.

Jeff decided we should leave the water on and go on about our normal business and he would return in the morning to see if the leak reappeared.

We were glad to have running water again but a little nervous to have a leak that could be doing serious damage somewhere in our rolling home.

I returned everything back into the basement.

We checked under the lavatory several time and didn’t see any water. We went on about our business.

Saturday morning came, we got up checked the floor of the lavatory and still no water!?! We fed and walked the dogs and took our showers. We just did our normal things.  I went again and checked the floor under the lavatory and now we have water. There is a leak!!!!!!

I went out and removed everything from the basement again! I crawled into the basement with my flashlight and looked around. No Leak in the basement. I don’t understand where this is leaking. I had removed the vent cover on the shower pan and looked around and didn’t see any water. There’s NO water in the basement. I’m stumped!

Jeff arrived about eleven. I told him what we had done and that I had found water under the lavatory again. He took out his flashlight and looked around in the basement. We went inside and he looked under the shower pan and then under the lavatory.

He then opened the shower door and looked at the drain and the shower walls. He said that he thought he found the problem. I suddenly had the thought of hundreds of dollars in repairs because the shower would need to be removed in order to fix the leak.

Jeff took his pocket knife out and poked around the corner of the shower pan and glass enclosure. He said I think the problem might be the silicone was missing and the water from our shower was running along the wall and out through the gap where the silicone was missing and then down the wall of the shower pan and under the lavatory.  This is the reason we didn’t see water leaking when we turned the water on. That makes sense to me.

 He recommended that I remove all the existing silicone and apply a new bead along the shower pan and the glass wall. He gave me the DAP silicone he uses. It can’t be purchased at the store.

As he left he told me that I needed to let the silicon cure for 24 hours before using the shower. He said if we noticed a leak just call him and he would come back over. He said we didn’t owe him anything for the calls.

This is great news!

I now have to get busy drying the shower and applying the silicone. I don’t have a caulk gun and so I had to go hunting for one. It just so happens that Bob a fellow RVer was outside working around his RV had all kinds of tools. I asked if he happen to have a caulking gun. He said of course he did. He was nice enough to loan it to me.

O.K now the work begins. I took a towel and wiped down the walls and pan of the shower. I then took a scraper and removed the existing silicon. Jeff had mentioned that I might also take a blow dryer and dry the seam areas. I did all that and then applied the silicon. This silicon stinks to high heaven! I opened the vent and turned on the fan. Now we wait 24 hours to see if this works!

Today I gave Odis a haircut. His body looks good but he won't let me get close to his head with the scissors so his face doesn't look so good. All the kids got a bath in the kitchen sink.

 Needless to say a few hours later, Odis was digging a hole in the sand and was covered in sand!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're Staying Busy

We had beautiful weather last week and we took full advantage of it. We washed the fiver. It didn’t take too long to wash and we were glad to get all the bugs off the nose.

We also decided to add a little wax. That took a bit longer! We waxed the bottom half and the nose. We’ll wax the upper half the next time we have some free time.

We stay pretty busy here. There is always something going on around here. We’ve attended a ladies luncheon. There were 25 ladies that loaded up and went to a local Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch. That was fun!

We’ve been working at the club house with a few other ladies in covering some ceiling tiles with fabric. The reason for this is to help to remove the echo in the building. The noise is awful. The building was constructed with tall ceiling and a couple dormers and stained concrete. There isn’t anything to absorb the sound. The sound is just terrible anytime you get more than two people talking. We’ve covered the ceiling tiles with quilt batting and finally with fabric.

Once their covered, Bob hangs them for us.  It not only has helped with the sound issues, they are also a nice decorative addition. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Water Leak?*!*

We’ve been kinda busy the last few days. First of all I was sick with a cold for several days and didn’t much at all. Tuesday morning we went to the Laundromat. Seems as though everyone at our park decided to do the same. We visited while we did our laundry. That sure made doing the laundry more pleasant.

Yesterday we ran errands. We stopped by Lowes Hardware while we were out and bought a new bathroom lavatory faucet. Ours has been leaking. It seems to be leaking when we turn the water on, so I hoping replacing it will stop the leaking.

We also stopped for lunch. The Big Fisherman advertises a lunch special for $5.29. We decided we would give it a try.

Let me just say, it is well worth the price!!!! I ordered the mini seafood platter. It was $7.95. My mini platter included a dinner salad, baked potato, 6 fried shrimp, 1 stuffed shrimp, 1 stuffed crab and 3 pieces of fish. I’m not sure what the mini part was. I was not able to eat it all.

Dawn ordered the rib eye steak and shrimp lunch. It was $8.95. Her lunch included a salad, baked potato, good size rib eye steak and 6 fried shrimp. She ate all of hers.

On Tuesdays that offer chicken fried steak or Chicken livers and gizzards with slaw and mashed potatoes (all you can eat for $2.25)      Yes, That’s correct, $2.25 for All You Can EAT!!!

After lunch we went home to install our new faucet.
This is the old plastic faucet
New residential faucet

I’ve installed faucets before; it’s NO big deal and can be done in just a few minutes.  Well, this was not the case today. I removed the old faucet and installed the new one with no problem at all. I called for Dawn to turn on the water and second later water was running from under the faucet. I called for her to turn off the water and disconnected the water lines from the faucet and looked it over. Everything looked great. I hooked it back up and called for her to turn of the water. Again, the water ran from under the faucet.  I called for her to turn the water off.

I told her we needed to call a repairman. I believe there must be some kind of a split in the line or the crimp clamp could be leaking. We called the local RV repairman that everyone here in the park uses. He told us he was so busy that it would be Monday before he could get to us. That won’t work for us. We can’t turn the water on because it runs out on the bathroom floor.  We can’t go without water for five days!
He gave us the name of another guy (Jeff) that we could call. I called Jeff and he said he could be out first thing in the morning. I feel better already.

We went on to take the dogs to the park for a nice long walk. We returned them home and fixed their dinner. We then decided we also needed to eat. We didn’t have much time. It’s card bingo night. We decided on dinner at Dairy Queen.

Bingo was good. We both won a game. We won six dollars each!!!!!

This morning bright an early, Jeff showed up to repair the faucet. He took one look at it and realized the rubber washer was missing. Apparently the washer was never put in. Jeff ran out to his truck, grabbed a washer and a minute later we were back in business!!

It only cost $24.00. That covered the washer and the service call. I think that was a great deal!!!! We NOW have running water again.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meeting Blogger Friends

Dawn and I drove over to Port Aransas to have lunch with some other lady RVers. We met up with Annie and Roxie  and a couple of other RVing ladies Rachael and Kelli.

It was really nice meeting up with fellow bloggers. We had a nice lunch and a great visit.

I hope Annie and Roxie don't mind that I copied this picture.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running Errands in Corpus Christi

We made a run to Corpus Christi this afternoon. The weather was great, 63 degrees. It appeared everyone needed to run errands today.

We ran our errands and had lunch at Cheddar's. Afterwards, we headed back home before the traffic got any worse!

Not much else going on here.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years

Happy New Year!

Dawn and I worked all day in the club house kitchen. We didn't do it alone, we had three wonderful ladies to help us out.

They decorated tables, washed dishes, chopped veggies, stuffed and wrapped peppers. All the while we had fun and laughed. They were such great help, Dawn and I wouldn't have got it all done it without their help.

Seems like everyone had a great time and a few people even said the food was good!