Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mexico Cruise

It was a cold December day when we decided we needed to go somewhere warm like Cozumel, Mexico. We search the Internet and decided to take a cruise. We booked our cruise for February.

This was my first cruise and I wasn't sure about it but Dawn assured me it would be a lot of fun. We couldn't wait for February to roll around. We were boarding the ship in Galveston, Texas. We packed up the car and drove down the day before our cruise.
The following morning we boarded the Carnival Cruise ship. We had a small room with twin beds and a tiny bathroom. We did have a window which was nice. I was a little nervous about this small room.

The ship pulled out of Galveston heading to Cozumel Mexico.

There was a lot to do on this huge ship. They had live entertainment around every corner. We lost money in the casino and ate some fabulous food. Cozumel was great. We shopped and spent the day exploring the island.

We both had been to Cozumel before but it had changed in five years. You will never get hungry on a cruise ship. I have never seen so much food or food turned to art. The cruise was wonderful and we did get some sun and had some fun.