Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pink Birds?

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 82, Low 61,

Well we had another busy week. On Sunday night we invited some friends over for dinner. I set up the portable canopy with the wind walls. Dawn cooked pork loin, steamed broccoli and mac & cheese. One of the other ladies brought baked potatoes and cole slaw and beans. It was a great feast.   

Tuesday we and several ladies from the park went to the movies. We saw This Means War. Good movie.

Dawn and I went out for Mexican food it was wonderful and I over ate big time. I just can’t help myself. I love Mexican food and need a fix on a regular basis.

Wednesday the weather was very overcast but warm. Dawn and I drove out to Cape Valero and took pictures of the birds at the marsh.

It was really great to see our first Roseate Spoonbills. They have a wingspan of 47 to 51 in. Neither of us has ever seen a pink bird in the wild. They are beautiful.

We also ran upon a flock of Sandhill Cranes. They have a wingspan 5’ to 6’. They are very large birds with a bright red stripe on their heads.

Wednesday night we played BINGO at the club house.

Today we spent the day at home. Tonight we had a pot-luck dinner at the clubhouse. Lots of good stuff to eat.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun and Chores

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 73, Low 62,

Boy, we’ve had a very busy week.

Tuesday afternoon we went with a group of ladies to the movies. We watched The Descendants. Everyone in our group gave the movie the same rating, Depressing.

Tuesday night was a pot luck dessert at the club house. It was sugar over-load!!! We also had live music. It was a lot of FUN and everyone was buzzing by the end of the evening. Sugar Buzzing!!!!

Wednesday we rode with a friend (Anita) to Oakville, Texas, it’s the halfway point from here to San Antonio. She was delivering a Boston terrier to a rescue group. Three of us rode with her so she wouldn’t have to ride alone. She mentioned that there was a really good Bar B Q place where we could have lunch.

The Bar B Q restaurant is a real dive. It’s not a very big restaurant and the menu is limited. Well, let’s just say that this dive is well worth the drive.

They serve your meal on white butcher paper. Our waitress was colorful and the service was great. We will definitely eat at Van’s Bar B Q again.

Wednesday night we had Club house BINGO. Every Wednesday is quarter BINGO. It’s a lot of fun.

Thursday was the Ladies Luncheon. About sixteen of the ladies drove over the Aransas Pass to Butter Churn Buffet for lunch. This was our first time to eat at Butter Churn and we will definitely go back. The buffet was good old home cooking. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Later in the afternoon several of us met up at the club house for a game of yahtzee.

This morning the weather was terrible. Rainy and overcast. This was a great morning for the Laundromat. We loaded up all our dirty dudes and went to the Laundromat.

We had the whole place to ourselves for a little while and then we were joined by several couples from the park. We had a little dirty laundry get together!

This afternoon we just we just laid around the fiver and relaxed. We’ve been going all week and just needed to chill awhile.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Day with Friends

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 53, Low 49,

Saturday was a very busy day for us. It started off with a club house country breakfast. The breakfast served was eggs, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy. The breakfast was great and the company was even better. We’ve made a lot of friends here.

Dawn and I are somewhat on the goofy side. O.K, we ARE way over on the goofy side. We are just the kind of people that tend to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We get along with most everyone but there are a few that think we are just too far gone to socialize with. I completely understand I’m not sure I’d want to be seen in public with me either!!!

After breakfast we walked the dogs and ran a few errands. We had to go to the local feed store for dog food. We also stopped by another RV park here in Rockport that was sponsoring an arts and crafts show. Our friend Marsha had a booth for the jewelry she makes. We walked through the craft show and before we knew it, it was time to make a trip to Fulton for lunch. We had plans to meet Catherine and Jo Beth (R-V Crazy Journal) for lunch at Moon Dogs.

We had a wonderful lunch with Catherine and Jo Beth. They are a lot fun and we found we have a lot in common with them. We laughed and traded travel stories. We chatted about our RVing experiences. We really enjoyed meeting them and look forward to another get-together.

It’s funny how connected you feel to someone because you have followed their blog. Just like with Dennis and Donna (Cave Dwellers) we felt like we were already close buddies just sitting down for a meal together. 

Speaking of Dennis and Donna, we just can’t get enough of them. We stopped by their site yesterday and visited for a couple of hours.

Thanks Dennis and Donna for being such good sports about us dropping in on you unannounced.

Anyway, Dawn and Jo Beth are both hatch Chili fans and it just so happens Dawn has a few in the freezer! She told Jo Beth she would share with her.

This evening we were invited to drive over to Port Aransas with a few of the ladies from our park to eat pizza. Why not, we haven’t eaten a meal at home all day!! We loaded up in Anita’s minivan and off we went. We laughed and had the best time.

At one point we thought we might get kicked out of the restaurant because we couldn’t stop laughing. There’s NOTHING better than spending time with friends and sharing some go laughs.

This has been a wonderful day spent with great friends, old and new.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Drinks with Cave Dwellers?!?

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 76, Low 63,

We were out until after ten last night. That’s right! We played BINGO at the Rockport VFW. We went with a few other people from the park. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again.

We didn’t win any money, but Dawn won a ticket drawing. The prize was a gift basket.

Today was a very busy day. We started with feeding the fur kids and taking them for their morning walk. Next, we took care of the laundry. We sorted them last night and had our bags of dirty clothes ready to go. That took an hour and a half.  We returned home, put away our laundry and grabbed a bite to eat.

Next on the agenda, Dawn took her park walk with our neighbor lady. They drive to the park and walk three days a week.

I put the awning back out. I have put it up several times when the weatherman calls for gale force winds or when they call for heavy rain.  This time I put it up so we could wash the trailer. That was a week ago and I just hadn’t bothered to put it back out until today.

We promised a friend that is out of town that we would heat up a plate of spaghetti from her frig and deliver it to a gentleman in the neighborhood that doesn’t have much. She takes meals to him on occasion and didn’t want him to miss out on a meal while she was gone.

That meal was heated and delivered.

We had a couple of hours to relax and then we were off to meet up with Dennis and Donna. We were so excited when we received an email earlier in the week that they were in the area and would meet us. We are both big fans of their blog Cave Dwellers.

We exchanged a couple of emails and decided to meet them at Alice Fays on the Bay in Fulton. Let me just say that Dennis and Donna are the real deal. They are warm, friendly and funny. We had a great time sharing RVing stories and laughs. We left feeling like we’ve know them forever.

Donna, Denise, Dennis and Dawn
It's a "D" thing!!!!!!

Thanks again Dennis and Donna for the beverages and the wonderful company.
Dennis and Donna
No, No! I'm taking your picture Dennis!!!!!!

On the way home Dawn and I stopped off at the Boiling Pot restaurant for dinner. We’ve passed it several time and decided we would give it a try. Their specialty is boiled seafood. Let me tell you the place is a hole in the wall type place with a limited menu. 

They put paper down on the table and pour your meal out on the paper!!!

We shared a single order Cajun seafood platter. It consisted of shrimp, new potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob and blue crab. It was spicy but good. It was more than enough food for us.
We didn't have room for the chocolate covered crawfish heads!!! Thank goodness!