Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Rolling Condo

One Saturday while we were waiting for an oil change at the dealership we wondered out into the lot. It is a great way to kill time while waiting on the oil change. What a mistake that was. There before us was a sea of motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. We walked around the lot and decided to take a look at the fifth wheels. We knew there was lot of them on the road and thought we would just take a peek.

We were shocked at the amount of living space these things had. The kitchens were large and the living rooms were larger. The motorhome we traveled in had a small kitchen and only one slide in the living room.

This fifth wheel had three slides verses our motorhomes two. This fifth wheel had a sofa and two large recliners. I built-in desk and flat screen TV. The kitchen had more cabinets then you could fill. The closet in the bedroom was large and the bathroom was larger then the motorhome.

We were drooling all over this trailer when a salesman appeared. How are you ladies, he asked. We told him we were killing time while getting the oil changed in our rig. He asked if we liked the trailer. We told him we thought it was a beautiful trailer. He went on to explain the trailer next door was even prettier and had a larger kitchen. He invited us to take a look at it. We told him we didn't want to take up any of his time. We were not there to purchase a trailer, we really were just killing time. He explained that it was not problem. He was also killing time. We followed him to the trailer next door. Wow! He wasn't kidding. The color scheme was beautiful and the kitchen was larger. The windows were large and had plenty of room. He asked a few questions about the motorhome and then like any good salesman he told us he could make a us a great deal on this trailer with the trade in of the motorhome.

He left us alone to look around. We walked thru the trailer and talked about how nice it would be the have a trailer like this to travel full time in. Reality Check! We are here to get the oil changed on the motorhome. It is paid for and we don't want any payments to make.

Then he appears again! he told us it would only take a few minutes to look at the numbers! Numbers, why did he have to go and say that? Dawn loves numbers. I told him there was no need in taking up anymore of his time. Dawn said it wouldn't hurt anything to just see what we were looking at.

 indows. No matter how bad the weather we can still enjoy the view.

We are now the proud owners of a fifth wheel travel trailer and have no truck to pull it with! Dawn said it shouldn't be any problem finding a good used truck to pull this trailer with.

We both have agreed that our goal is to sell the house and most of it's contents and try fultiming. we have given ourselves three years to get some things done and then we are going to live our dream. To see as many places as we can, while we can.

After an hour with our new best friend, we were signing the paperwork. We traded in the motor home and bought a travel trailer. We just bought a beautiful 35 foot fifth wheel travel trailer. Boy, we have plenty of room now. The travel trailer has lots of large w