Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No Truck A/C and Visiting with Friends

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 98 degrees

The past four days were very busy for us. Our friends Peter and Judy returned for another four day visit.

On Monday we had to put our truck in the shop. The a/c motor quit working. These two old fat girls can handle driving in this heat without the a/c!

We also needed to have the speedometer looked at. On occasion it just stopped working. I read on the internet that Chevy trucks had a problem with the speedometer. There was a recall a few years ago and we didn’t know about it in time to get it fixed for free.

Before taking our truck to the shop, we had to pick up a rental car. We rented a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Plus. Nice!
Driving a small car is very different after driving our big road hog truck!

Anyway, we were told that the service department was running a day behind and that it might be awhile before they could get to our truck. That’s the reason for renting a car.

In between running our errands and taking care of vehicle issues, we still had to time to visit with Peter and Judy.

We were very excited when the service manager called us late yesterday afternoon to tell us that our truck was ready.

We hurried to the repair shop and picked up our truck and then to the car rental place to return the rental car.

That running around saved us a little cash. We only had to rent the car for two day verses a week!

We are happy gals now that we have our truck back.

We stopped by and visited with our friends who will be pulling out tomorrow.

We are exhausted needless to say.

Today we started our four day shift. This is going to be a busy shift since it’s a holiday weekend.

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