Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making More Changes

We have made some more interior changes to the 5er. We have added a few more decorative touches and have been trying to come up with some organizational ideas. This is the new look of the valances. We have added white tin stars and cow skull.

Window Valances
We have decided we will be replacing the kitchen sink. The sink that came in the trailer is not practical. It has one full size bowl and one small veggie bowl. It isn’t very practical for washing dishes. We will be replacing it with a larger double bowl sink. We may also be replacing the faucet as well. Dawn wants a veggie spray. We will see what we can come up with.

Desk Area
We have removed one of the upper desk cabinets in order to make room for our larger T.V. We bought our T.V a little more than a year ago and thought we might as well just make room for it in the trailer instead of selling it. The T.V will sit on the desk. It is too large to mount on the wall. The smaller T.V that is mounted on the wall will be removed.

We have also decided to make curtains for the windows. It would make sense that having curtains on the windows would help keep it warmer or cooler inside. We plan to make the curtains out of denim to match the rest of our d├ęcor.

The pantry is great with lots of space. The only problem is it deep. It is hard to find things that might be in the back area of the pantry. We decided to place plastic bins in the pantry and use them like drawers so  that we can pull them out and see what is in the back in the bin. We will try it and see how well that works.