Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Progress

The weather was great this weekend and we took full advantage of it. On Saturday we pulled the fifth wheel out of storage and begin going through every drawer and cupboard. We removed things we don’t use and added things we think we might need. We have been emptied a lot of clear plastic storage bins that were full of garage sale STUFF. We have cleaned the bins and will be using them in the fifth wheel.

We have placed some of them on the upper shelf of the closet for clothes storage and a few in the bottom of the closet for shoes. We have placed some of them under the bed to hold seasonal clothes.

We also removed one of the storage cabinets that sat on the desk. We need to make room for a larger TV.

Friends took us out for dinner for Dawn's Bithday Saturday evening so that was a great excuse to stop and rest.

On Sunday we were at it again, we went thru more boxes in the RV storage garage. We  restocked the shelves for our next garage sale. We filled the bed of the truck with junk to be thrown away.

We worked all weekend. Needless, to say we are very tired today. But we have a real sense of satisfaction for a job well done. Rome wasn’t built in a day!