Thursday, January 12, 2012

Water Leak?*!*

We’ve been kinda busy the last few days. First of all I was sick with a cold for several days and didn’t much at all. Tuesday morning we went to the Laundromat. Seems as though everyone at our park decided to do the same. We visited while we did our laundry. That sure made doing the laundry more pleasant.

Yesterday we ran errands. We stopped by Lowes Hardware while we were out and bought a new bathroom lavatory faucet. Ours has been leaking. It seems to be leaking when we turn the water on, so I hoping replacing it will stop the leaking.

We also stopped for lunch. The Big Fisherman advertises a lunch special for $5.29. We decided we would give it a try.

Let me just say, it is well worth the price!!!! I ordered the mini seafood platter. It was $7.95. My mini platter included a dinner salad, baked potato, 6 fried shrimp, 1 stuffed shrimp, 1 stuffed crab and 3 pieces of fish. I’m not sure what the mini part was. I was not able to eat it all.

Dawn ordered the rib eye steak and shrimp lunch. It was $8.95. Her lunch included a salad, baked potato, good size rib eye steak and 6 fried shrimp. She ate all of hers.

On Tuesdays that offer chicken fried steak or Chicken livers and gizzards with slaw and mashed potatoes (all you can eat for $2.25)      Yes, That’s correct, $2.25 for All You Can EAT!!!

After lunch we went home to install our new faucet.
This is the old plastic faucet
New residential faucet

I’ve installed faucets before; it’s NO big deal and can be done in just a few minutes.  Well, this was not the case today. I removed the old faucet and installed the new one with no problem at all. I called for Dawn to turn on the water and second later water was running from under the faucet. I called for her to turn off the water and disconnected the water lines from the faucet and looked it over. Everything looked great. I hooked it back up and called for her to turn of the water. Again, the water ran from under the faucet.  I called for her to turn the water off.

I told her we needed to call a repairman. I believe there must be some kind of a split in the line or the crimp clamp could be leaking. We called the local RV repairman that everyone here in the park uses. He told us he was so busy that it would be Monday before he could get to us. That won’t work for us. We can’t turn the water on because it runs out on the bathroom floor.  We can’t go without water for five days!
He gave us the name of another guy (Jeff) that we could call. I called Jeff and he said he could be out first thing in the morning. I feel better already.

We went on to take the dogs to the park for a nice long walk. We returned them home and fixed their dinner. We then decided we also needed to eat. We didn’t have much time. It’s card bingo night. We decided on dinner at Dairy Queen.

Bingo was good. We both won a game. We won six dollars each!!!!!

This morning bright an early, Jeff showed up to repair the faucet. He took one look at it and realized the rubber washer was missing. Apparently the washer was never put in. Jeff ran out to his truck, grabbed a washer and a minute later we were back in business!!

It only cost $24.00. That covered the washer and the service call. I think that was a great deal!!!! We NOW have running water again.


  1. keep a sharp eye out for any further leakage and also check under the other sinks and around the base of the toilet periodically, We just had to have $2500 worth of floor replacement due to a water leak that was traced to an outside electrical that had never been caulked and sealed so we had 5 years of rain seepage under the vinyl floor and carpet where you don't see it until the floor softens and you tear it up. Glad you caught your before any damage was done. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Don't you hate it when the fix is simple. At least Jeff didn't gouge you. That would have been a major Herbert Simpson "Doh" moment for me.
    Be safe and be well!

  3. We have heard of the Big Fisherman but never been there..We DO love livers and gizzards...Do they let you do carry-outs or do you have to sit there and eat it..We aren't much for eating out, and mostly take our food back to the camper and eat it about 7PM, after cocktail hour..:)
    You have my utmost respect for even attempting a plumbing project..I do a nice job on handing Den the wrench when he needs it though!!

  4. Glad Jeff didn't gouge. Annie does our down-and-dirty repairs, but you would have heard more than $24 of sailor-talk before she was done.

  5. The new faucet looks great. Being a residential one it should last a lifetime!

  6. Jeff sure gave you a great deal on that service call - it's usually at least $60. Those meals looked absolutely fabulous.

  7. You are very brave to have attempted those plumbing repairs yourself!! I wouldn't dare try it. You were also very lucky to get it done for only $24. What a deal!