Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're Staying Busy

We had beautiful weather last week and we took full advantage of it. We washed the fiver. It didn’t take too long to wash and we were glad to get all the bugs off the nose.

We also decided to add a little wax. That took a bit longer! We waxed the bottom half and the nose. We’ll wax the upper half the next time we have some free time.

We stay pretty busy here. There is always something going on around here. We’ve attended a ladies luncheon. There were 25 ladies that loaded up and went to a local Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch. That was fun!

We’ve been working at the club house with a few other ladies in covering some ceiling tiles with fabric. The reason for this is to help to remove the echo in the building. The noise is awful. The building was constructed with tall ceiling and a couple dormers and stained concrete. There isn’t anything to absorb the sound. The sound is just terrible anytime you get more than two people talking. We’ve covered the ceiling tiles with quilt batting and finally with fabric.

Once their covered, Bob hangs them for us.  It not only has helped with the sound issues, they are also a nice decorative addition. 


  1. YOU GO GIRLFRIENDS!! So great to see peeps involved..(we are not good examples)...You are a great addition to any RV park!!

  2. Your sound panels look great...someone had a good idea there.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the sound carrying. We were in a room just like that recently and the sound was deafening.

  4. Those tall ceilings look great but definitely can be a sound problem. We (meaning mainly my hubby) just finished washing and waxing our rig and truck, it was a lot of work but it sure looks pretty when its done. :)