Friday, February 3, 2012

Drinks with Cave Dwellers?!?

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 76, Low 63,

We were out until after ten last night. That’s right! We played BINGO at the Rockport VFW. We went with a few other people from the park. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again.

We didn’t win any money, but Dawn won a ticket drawing. The prize was a gift basket.

Today was a very busy day. We started with feeding the fur kids and taking them for their morning walk. Next, we took care of the laundry. We sorted them last night and had our bags of dirty clothes ready to go. That took an hour and a half.  We returned home, put away our laundry and grabbed a bite to eat.

Next on the agenda, Dawn took her park walk with our neighbor lady. They drive to the park and walk three days a week.

I put the awning back out. I have put it up several times when the weatherman calls for gale force winds or when they call for heavy rain.  This time I put it up so we could wash the trailer. That was a week ago and I just hadn’t bothered to put it back out until today.

We promised a friend that is out of town that we would heat up a plate of spaghetti from her frig and deliver it to a gentleman in the neighborhood that doesn’t have much. She takes meals to him on occasion and didn’t want him to miss out on a meal while she was gone.

That meal was heated and delivered.

We had a couple of hours to relax and then we were off to meet up with Dennis and Donna. We were so excited when we received an email earlier in the week that they were in the area and would meet us. We are both big fans of their blog Cave Dwellers.

We exchanged a couple of emails and decided to meet them at Alice Fays on the Bay in Fulton. Let me just say that Dennis and Donna are the real deal. They are warm, friendly and funny. We had a great time sharing RVing stories and laughs. We left feeling like we’ve know them forever.

Donna, Denise, Dennis and Dawn
It's a "D" thing!!!!!!

Thanks again Dennis and Donna for the beverages and the wonderful company.
Dennis and Donna
No, No! I'm taking your picture Dennis!!!!!!

On the way home Dawn and I stopped off at the Boiling Pot restaurant for dinner. We’ve passed it several time and decided we would give it a try. Their specialty is boiled seafood. Let me tell you the place is a hole in the wall type place with a limited menu. 

They put paper down on the table and pour your meal out on the paper!!!

We shared a single order Cajun seafood platter. It consisted of shrimp, new potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob and blue crab. It was spicy but good. It was more than enough food for us.
We didn't have room for the chocolate covered crawfish heads!!! Thank goodness!


  1. Those look like good spots we will have to try them.

  2. Catherine will eat chocolate covered any thing we may have to try that place :)

  3. The food looked good, but I'm not sure I'd like my meal down on paper.

  4. Chocolate covered crawfish heads?? Yuck!

    I'm still hoping to meet up with Dennis and Donna some day.

  5. Y'all are giving us a pretty great review..We tried to be on our best behavior, but, as now know, we don't HAVE any BEST..You ladies are soooo much fun.You're right, we felt like we had known you two for years. Thank YOU for the drinks too (now everyone knows we had more than one)..Den went and got carry outs from Pops for us last night and they gave him a flyer for Lamardi Gras..Wish we could meet up with you for that..but we will be gone,and I have already used up my bail bondsman card..two of the 4 D's

  6. I'm with Judy, choclate craw fish heads, double yuk!

  7. Wow, Donna wasn't wearing her flannel or her fleece! I'm impressed. Looks like you had to good time.

  8. Chocolate covered what??? Glad to see you had such a great time with Donna and Dennis!

  9. always fun to meet fellow bloggers...looks like yall had a super visit...not sure I could eat my dinner off the paper unless it was at least a paper plate..:) couldn't eat the chocolate covered crawfish heads either but rick will eat anything with choc on it so he may have..have a super week