Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun and Chores

Rockport, Texas
Weather Condition; High 73, Low 62,

Boy, we’ve had a very busy week.

Tuesday afternoon we went with a group of ladies to the movies. We watched The Descendants. Everyone in our group gave the movie the same rating, Depressing.

Tuesday night was a pot luck dessert at the club house. It was sugar over-load!!! We also had live music. It was a lot of FUN and everyone was buzzing by the end of the evening. Sugar Buzzing!!!!

Wednesday we rode with a friend (Anita) to Oakville, Texas, it’s the halfway point from here to San Antonio. She was delivering a Boston terrier to a rescue group. Three of us rode with her so she wouldn’t have to ride alone. She mentioned that there was a really good Bar B Q place where we could have lunch.

The Bar B Q restaurant is a real dive. It’s not a very big restaurant and the menu is limited. Well, let’s just say that this dive is well worth the drive.

They serve your meal on white butcher paper. Our waitress was colorful and the service was great. We will definitely eat at Van’s Bar B Q again.

Wednesday night we had Club house BINGO. Every Wednesday is quarter BINGO. It’s a lot of fun.

Thursday was the Ladies Luncheon. About sixteen of the ladies drove over the Aransas Pass to Butter Churn Buffet for lunch. This was our first time to eat at Butter Churn and we will definitely go back. The buffet was good old home cooking. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Later in the afternoon several of us met up at the club house for a game of yahtzee.

This morning the weather was terrible. Rainy and overcast. This was a great morning for the Laundromat. We loaded up all our dirty dudes and went to the Laundromat.

We had the whole place to ourselves for a little while and then we were joined by several couples from the park. We had a little dirty laundry get together!

This afternoon we just we just laid around the fiver and relaxed. We’ve been going all week and just needed to chill awhile.