Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco De Mayo or Not

Goliad, Texas
Weather Condition; High 93, Low 73,

Dawn and I were to excited to be staying in Goliad during the Cinco De Mayo Fiesta. Especially since Goliad claims to be the official birth place of Cinco De Mayo.

The fiesta celebration is held at the fairgrounds across the street from the state park. We arrived on Tuesday and we watched the park fill with campers as the weekend got closer. The anticipation was building. This must be a great place to spend Cinco De Mayo.

The advertisement for the Fiesta read;
 Friday, May 4th, General Zaragoza Society 68th Annual Cinco De Mayo Fiesta begins at 6 p.m.  Enjoy free live music, margarita contest, fantastic food vendors along with arts and crafts booths. 

Saturday, May 5th, Opening ceremonies begin at 10 a.m. at the General Zaragoza Statue in La Bahia.  Ceremonies include wreath dedication, guest speakers and introduction of visiting dignitaries.  Fiesta begins at 12 Noon.  Saturday's events include the annual IBCA sanctioned BBQ Cook-off, 3rd annual "Ride For Education" bike run, and classic/antique car show.  Enjoy free live music, colorful ballet folklorico performances, Mariachis and vendor booths.  Fiesta ends at midnight. 
Saturday, May 5th Annual Spring Concert at the Mission Espiritu Santo in the Goliad State Park with the Beeville Community Chorus. 

We drove over to the fairground at 6:00 P.M. We parked close to the entrance and walked into the area roped off for all the festivities.

We walked through the area to see that the band was NOT playing. They were still setting up the sound equipment. There were only 3 food vendors and there was NO margarita contest!

There were five or so craft vendors and about a dozen BBQ rigs parked in a field in front of the fairgrounds.

We were very disappointed to say the least.

O.K, maybe something happened to cause them to get a late start. We’ll try it again on Saturday.

On Saturday we waited until late afternoon to go back to the fairgrounds.

Well, seems something must have happened with getting the word out to the participants because there were only a handful more vendors and the stage was still empty.

There were a few more BBQ rigs then the day before.  O.K, we give up!

We walked back to the truck and drove downtown for Mexican food.  The restaurant was almost empty, so we received great service. The food wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either.

The day wasn’t a total bust. At 7:00 P.M we enjoyed the Beeville Community Chorus singing in the mission.

 It was wonderful. The acoustics in the mission is wonderful. It was a little warm but worth it.

We didn’t get to see the super moon due to the thick overcast.

Today we are watching all the campers slowly pulling out of the park to return home.