Friday, May 11, 2012

Storms in Goliad,TX

Dawn and I had a late night. It was around 2:00 A.M before we went to bed. We were under a flash flood warning, tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning most of the evening and into the wee hours.

The Park Police came through the park around 5:00 P.M to make sure everyone was aware of the weather conditions and invited us to the office for shelter if we felt uncomfortable.

We opted to stay in our fiver. We did however, had a plan in place in case we needed to load up our fur kids and drive to the shower building.

We kept an eye on the weather reports on TV.

At one point about midnight we decided to make a run for the truck as the wind started blowing the fiver. The lightening was all around us and it was pouring down rain by the buckets. We stopped at the door before running out and suddenly the wind stopped. We decided to stay put.

It rained for about an hour longer and then it stopped. All was quite.

This morning we were shocked when we went outside and saw many tall trees on the ground. There were a lot of tree limbs scattered around too.

So glad no one was staying in this site.


  1. Yikes! Yep, wind is a for-real deal in an RV.

  2. HOLY TREE LIMBS, BATMAN, YOU KIDS WERE RIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT!!Dennis and I have been known to sleep right through that stuff before we got our weather radio..I assume you have a Noah Weather Radio, but if you don't ...GET ONE!!!!! Glad you are OK....NOW, lets have a cocktail by the campfire and calm down, eh?

  3. WOW! Those storms can really shake a rig. Been through quite a few while in OK, AR, MS and MO. In all the time we've been in TX, never had such strong winds. How good is it that you were pre-warned of what could be a scary situation.

  4. Mother nature always seem closer in a rig. Eek!

  5. I hate the wind in an RV - good thing it only happens every once in a while.