Monday, December 3, 2012

Looking Like Christmas Here

Rockport, Texas
Saltwater Flats RV Resort
Weather Condition; High 87 Low 67, Sunny

We’ve been doing our usual housekeeping things and we’ve been trying to help with Christmas decorations at the clubhouse.

Someone mentioned we needed to find a Christmas tree and decorations for the clubhouse. Dawn and I took her old recliner to the local thrift store and noticed a Christmas tree box lying on the ground beside the dumpster. Dawn asked the gentleman unloading the recliner from the truck, if the tree was going to be thrown away. The man said it was not all there and we could have it if we wanted it.

Dawn grabbed the top of the tree out of the box and she also snagged some of the tree branches.

When we got home, I found a block of wood and used my drill to drill a hole in the block. This block is now a tree stand. The little tree is only a couple of feet tall, but it will work for now.

 With the extra limbs I made two large wreaths for the door. We left the wreaths lying on the table and told everyone that the wreaths needed some decorations.

The past couple of days we have been busy building a couple of Christmas light trees for the outside. Our friend Bob has one and we wanted one too. When we were leaving to get the supplies, our friends Peter and Judy asked if we would get enough supplies to make them one too.

First day we built wooden base, painted and cut PVC.

Day two, we installed the hooks and strung the lights. 

 It looks so nice. Thanks Bob for all your help and patients.

 Our neighborhood is looking festive.

More winter Texans pulled in the past couple of days.