Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loss of a Friend

Rockport, Texas
Saltwater Flats RV Resort
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The mood here has been very sad since Tuesday. That’s when we found out our friend Colette passed away. She was only 70 years old.

Colette and her husband pulled out of the park a week ago Wednesday morning driving to Irving, Texas so she could have noninvasive back surgery. Her back surgery was on Friday. The word is that the doctor wasn’t able to get it all done in the first surgery so on Monday she was back in surgery. We were told that during her second surgery her heart stopped and there were complications. Colette was moved to ICU. On Monday we were told things didn’t look good. Colette died Tuesday evening.

It's just so surreal. We thought she'd be returning here in a week or so. Everyone's in shock.

Colette’s family held a memorial service for her on Friday in Irving.  Unfortunately that’s 400 miles from here.

Colette and her husband started full-timing this past spring.

We will all miss her.

We spent yesterday in Corpus Christi with our friends Bob and Pauline. We walked around the mall and had lunch at Golden Coral. We all stuffed ourselves to the gills!


  1. How horrible for the family..something as back surgery could be the cause...What a reality check for us all, who have any kind of surgery...Our thoughts are with her family, and friends...

  2. I'm so sorry for everyone affected. That's shocking.

  3. sad sorry for your loss..and for her family...we just never know do we...which is why we have to make every day count...our thoughts are with her family and friends also...

  4. So sad to hear about the shocking loss of your friend, Colette. Must be just terrible for the family considering the surgery was not supposed to be life threatening.

  5. We are sorry for the loss of your friend. Our thoughts are with you guys and her family

  6. So young to be taken so soon. My condolences to the family.

  7. I hate to hear stories like that. It's so sad, to just have your life in front of you, and this happens :( Hugs all around to people who loved her.

  8. So sorry to hear. We just never know how many days we have so we need to treat every day as precious. My heart aches for her husband and family.