Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Happenings

Rockport, Texas
Saltwater Flats RV Resort
Weather Condition; High 82 Low 62, SUNNY

This has been a real crazy week here at the RV park.
First of all, we spotted a dog driving a truck thru the park!

 Dawn baked coconut pies and man they were good! I didn’t it both of them! Dawn shared them with friends.

 On Tuesday we had Happy Hour at Norm and Sheryl’s site. The weather was beautiful so we took full advantage of it.

 Notice the men sat at a different site then the women.

Squirrels climbed the trees outside the window and the fur kids didn’t like it.

Our friend Bob installed a dead bolt lock on the door of our fiver for us. Bob is so handy to have around. He can do any kind of repairs. He got a whole coconut pie!!!!

This is Bob enjoying his Pepsi after installing the dead bolt.

 Today we are going to the Corpus Christi RV show.