Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Fun Never Ends!!!!!

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 82 Low 63, Overcast

We’ve finally settled into our new positions as gate attendants. We’re still learning as we go. The training that was given at the pre-work meeting was very little. Fortunately, we have our fellow gate attendants that are happy to assist us whenever we need it. 

We’ve now finished working our second week and are feeling much more confident.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get use to waking up at 5 A.M on the days we work. Luckily it’s only four days. 

We’re also trying to get into a routine for our days off. We’ve got a few things that have to be done on our days off such as laundry, grocery shopping, medical appointments and visiting friends and family.

Monday we meet friends for lunch and did some grocery shopping. We also had to run by headquarters and drop off our weekly reports.

We didn’t get home until late afternoon and we were tired!

After dinner we settled into our recliners for a nice relaxing evening.

A little after ten I decided to go to bed. I looked out the window as I walked by and noticed a car parked in a dark area just outside the fence not far from our fiver.

I called our partner gate attendants and asked if they had noticed the car parked out there when they closed the gate house. They did not see the car.

I decided about 10:30 to call the sheriff’s department. I explained to the dispatcher that there was a car parked at the entrance of the park in a dark area and asked to have a deputy cruse out and check it out. The dispatcher asked if someone was in the car. I explained to him that it was very dark out and couldn’t see into the car.

Dawn and I turned off all the lights in the house and opened the window shade partially so we could keep an eye on the car.

An hour went by before the deputy showed up. He drove up to the park entrance with his spot light on.  Boy, was I shocked when the spotlight landed on the car and two heads popped up on the ground beside the car.  The deputy got out of the car and walked over to the people lying on the ground. He shined his flashlight on them and it appeared as they sat up that they were buck naked!  That’s right, Naked!

The deputy had the people get into the car.

A minute later, a second deputy pulled up. The deputies talked with each other for a few minutes and then talked to the two people in the car.  A few minutes later both the deputies and the car drove off.

Tuesday morning Dawn and I loaded up our laundry and went to the Laundromat. Afterwards we stopped by Home Depot. We stopped at Home Depot to buy spotlights to put up outside. We bought 2 Dust to Dawn outdoor spotlights. I zip tied one to the top of awning arm shining out towards the driveway. The second one I hung zip tied to a tree branch behind fiver. It’s not as dark out there at night now!

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