Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things Change!

Lavon, Texas
Lavonia Park
Weather Condition; High 92 Low 72, Clear

Where do I start?

Well, I’ll try to make this explanation as short as possible. Back last winter Dawn and I bid on a gate attendant job at Lavon Lake through Our Lands and Waters Foundation. To our surprise, we were awarded a contract at the lake’s smallest camping park. Clear Lake Park only has 23 camping sites, 2 boat ramps and a day use area with picnic tables.

We learned a lot and had a great time being gate attendants. Clear Lake Park is not open year round. The park is only open April 1st thru September 30th.  On September 13th we received a call from Our Lands and Waters telling us that they no longer had a contract with the U.S Army Corp of Engineers, which meant that we no longer had a contract either. After review made by the Army Corp legal team the Army decided that the contracts were not legal. They have been working like this for four or five years!

Anyway, Dawn and I agreed we would stay on and finish out the season for free. They do provide us with a site, electric, water and sewer.

Then we were asked if we would consider moving to another year round park across the lake to help out a gate attendant that need to have some time off.

We said sure. On September 28th we packed up and moved to Lavonia Park. Our new site sits up on a hill with a view of the lake and great views of the sunset.

We now have a covered site which is really nice too. The only real problem is the railroad track behind us. Luckily the train doesn’t run that often.

We got all setup at our new site and ready to go to work when the government shut down.

The campers had to leave and the gates were locked. Now we sit here with a park all to ourselves with the exception of the other gate attendants and a couple of volunteers.

We were told we could leave if we wanted but we chose to stay.

So now we are sitting here waiting to see if the government is going to reopen before we are due to leave.

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  1. It will end eventually. Hang in there!

  2. Nice of you guys to help out. Getting a site for free sometimes is all that is needed :)

  3. Hearing so many stories of fellow RVers displaced by this shutdown. Looks like you landed a good gig if they ever get all this stuff figured out.

  4. As long as they don't turn off the electricity it sounds like a good gig to me!

  5. What a great gig!!! No pay but a view to kill for!!!!

  6. Oh my word, your changes have made my head spin just reading, I can imagine the "fun" you're having living thru all this!

    Hope our "esteemed leaders" (tongue in check) get their act together and pass a budget. This is ridiculous. We're on borrowed time here at our COE park where we are workamping. They have funds to remain open until 19 Oct. Then we will be shut down, too. :c(

  7. Your site looked great until you mentioned the train. Seems we are on the "wrong side of the tracks" in a lot of places we camp.