Friday, April 22, 2011

39 Days to GO!

39 DAYS to go!!!! OMG!

We still have so much to do!

The weather has not been very cooperative here this week. Almost every day this week we have had rain or misting rain. We are using a stock trailer that has partial open side and don’t want to move anything that could get wet. So this week we didn’t get much accomplished. With that said, we are planning to spend our Easter weekend moving more of our STUFF to the storage unit. We don’t have a lot more to move as far as furniture. The remainder of the furniture is small things like the dining table and chairs, two recliners, dresser, queen mattress, box springs and a few small end tables. It is all furniture we can easily move by ourselves.

We are planning to have our last garage sale the weekend of May 6th and have everything moved out of the house by May 9th. Once everything is out of the house, I can start painting. I have patching nail holes in the walls as we go.

I still need to scrap the popcorn off one bathroom ceiling. That should take me long to do. I can have the interior of the house painted in a few days.

Time is moving so fast right now. It is hard to believe that we will soon be living our dream of being RV full-timers. We are so looking forward to the opportunity to travel freely and stay wherever we choose for as long as we choose.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise