Monday, April 18, 2011

On a Mission

We almost killed ourselves this weekend! We moved all of our totes (over forty) and a lot of boxes (enough to fill a stock trailer) to storage Saturday morning. Then we got serious and decided we could move a lot of our large furniture too. OMG! That was really almost too much for these old fat girls to handle. We loaded a book case, extra large dresser, china cabinet and hutch, queen headboard and footboard, wash stand, TV stand and one large night stand. I still can’t believe we loaded all that ourselves.

I’m 5’5” tall and Dawn is about 5’ give or take an inch. It’s difficult for her to raise anything very high since she’s so close to the ground! I’m not making fun, just pointing out a fact.

We had to lower the furniture down two steps to get it out of the house and then raise it almost a foot to get it into the trailer. Anyway, we did get it loaded and we both used muscles that we haven’t used since our twenties. We are two old fat girls on a mission!

We had one last thing to load for the day; it was a six foot armoire. I moved it to the back door where it sat for several hours. We ran out of gas. Our arms and backs were so tired.

Around four Dawn cooked dinner and I picked up around the house. My brother and niece came over for dinner. I had taken my niece’s graduation announcements pictures and we wanted to look them over.

My brother helped me load the armoire and then followed us to the storage facility to unload the trailer. My brother is a real sweet heart. He unloaded most of the furniture by himself and kept repeating that he couldn’t believe we loaded that heavy furniture by ourselves. My brother is seven or so years younger and a whole lot stronger.

We had friends we could have called but it was a beautiful day and everyone had better things to do. My son had to work and my brother fished a tournament. We just like to do as much for ourselves as possible and only call on people to help us when we just can’t do it ourselves. We’re independent (hard headed) that way.

After we finished unloading the trailer, Dawn and I went home and collapsed in our recliners.

Sunday morning we were moving pretty slow. We had to return to the storage faculty to rearrange some boxes. We stacked all our totes and boxes along one wall of the storage area and then placed our furniture against it. We still have more to add to it and need to use every bit of the space we have. After wrestling with the storage area we went home and mowed and trimmed most of the yard. I rode the mower and Dawn used the weed trimmer. We called it a day around three. We showered and went for fast food. Tacos! Yes we had tacos for dinner. After we inhaled our tacos we stopped off at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. We went home and fell into our recliners.

Our bodies hurt all over, but we’re making PROGRESS!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise