Friday, April 1, 2011

New Tool Box and Laptop

It is starting to sink, It’s really happening! We have a lot to do by June 1st. We stopped by a new storage facility on Tuesday afternoon and looked to see what they offered. It is a very nice facility and has a unit available the size we need. The manager is placing a hold on it for us. Another good thing about this storage facility is that it’s right around the corner from the house.

We’ve also made a list of things we need to purchase before we leave. One thing we needed was a tool box for the truck. On Wednesday we bought one. It’s a tool chest that sits in the bed of the truck below the side rails. It was fairly easy to install because the previous owner of the truck had a tool box and the holes were already in the bed. Dawn and I installed it in about thirty minutes. The salesman had sold Dawn bolts that were too long but we put them in and decided we would change them out later.

Thursday our good friend Mickey gave me some shorter bolts and helped me change them. The tool box will not only carry our tool box and straps but will also carry our king pen stabilizer. That’s now marked off the list.

Last night after dinner we decided to walk through Best Buy. We need a wall bracket for the bedroom TV. The problem with this is we walked through the computer section of the store first and noticed they were having a really good sale on laptops. Our laptop bit the dust a few years back and we have been using our netbook. It is small and we really need a larger computer. Neither of us is all that computer savvy but it seemed like the Toshiba 15.6” with Intel Pentium dual processor they had on sale was a really good deal. Dawn called our IT friend and asked her about it and she told us to give her a minute and she would stop by and take a look at it. We looked at the other laptops but really liked this Toshiba. Meanwhile, our IT friend showed up, she looked it over and told us it was just what we needed and she did some quick research and told us this was the best deal she could find on that laptop.
We located a salesman and wouldn’t you know it, they were sold out and the sale is over Saturday! We asked if they would make a deal on the display and he sent us to the service desk. The girl at the service desk said she could order that laptop and we would receive it within a week. Great, now we can mark that off our list.

Our plans for this weekend is to reorganize and restock our garage sale garage for the next big sale. It will be a big sale too. Maybe we can wrap up the garage sale stuff with one last sale!

The great thing is we have already boxed up a lot of the STUFF we are keeping and it is ready to be moved to storage. We really are ahead of the game with that much. We will be renting a storage unit in the next week or so.

We making Progress!!!!!!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Wow, you two are just moving right along. It's sure nice to have a good computer along, glad you found one.

  2. Congrats on your new purchases and marking a few more things off of your list.

  3. Let me just say that you two ladies are my heroes.....Dreamin' it, sayin'it, DOIN' IT!!

  4. "It is starting to sink, It’s really happening!" I.M. tried to tell y'all yer takin' two much stuff, but wood ya listen to I.M., no ya woodn't. You keep piling things in and it ain't gonna be long afore it are sunkened outta site.

    Yer loyal reeder, I.M., who are unhesitately helpin' the unfortunately unknowledgeable unwittingly understand the unintentionally unknowable.

  5. You guys are really getting it done!! Congrats on your new laptop!! I can feel your excitement just reading the blog!! :-)

  6. We have a tool box just like that in our truck and they really hold a lot. You are moving right along.

  7. Just how long is this list you keep marking off? Are you getting near the end of it? It sounds like you have two months as of today. Good luck.
    I'm going to Camping World tomorrow to see what I can find. I don't have a list but that won't stop me from buying anything.

  8. Way to go and get the list down to only a few items now!!....preparation is have the fun!!