Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running in Circles

Wow, this has been a busy week. We’ve got a lot of small things we need to take care of before we hit the road. This seems to be the week to get some of them taken care of. First of all we packed our dishes and are now using the Correll dishes out of the 5th wheel. We also wrapped and packed some of our larger mirrors and other wall art.

We also needed to get my mom another cell phone. Hers is a couple of years old and the battery is going bad, it has to be charged every night. Dawn took her to the Verizon store on Friday to find her a replacement phone. The only phone they found that was easy to use was not in stock. Dawn ordered it and had it shipped to our house. We programmed all her numbers and set it up for her. On Tuesday we drove over to her house and explained all the new features to her.

Remember the laptop we purchased? Well we’ve been going back and forth with Best Buy regarding that laptop. They were out of stock the night we purchased it so we went through the channels at the customer service desk at our local Best Buy store to order one. We ordered and paid for it on March 31st. Later that evening we received an email thanking us for our purchase. On Friday, April 1st we received an email stating our laptop was on its way to the store for pickup. On Tuesday, April 5th we receive another email stating the laptop was NOT available for pickup and if we still wanted the item to notify the store.

Dawn went to the local Best Buy and talked with the customer service dept. they couldn’t tell her why the order was not being delivered to their store. They told her they could order another one and have it sent to the house but it would take a week or so. That would not work for us. The girl in customer service then noticed that another store about twenty miles away would be receiving a dozen or so that evening and she could call that store in the morning and see if they had indeed received them. Well, that doesn’t work for us either.

Dawn called me and told me what was going on and I immediately started sending out a few emails to the district manager, vice president of customer service and the customer resolution team of Best Buy explaining our dilemma and asking how Best Buy was going to do rectify the problem. Within an hour of placing the emails, Dawn received a call from the customer service resolution team telling her that they couldn’t explain what happened but the other store would be setting aside a laptop with her name on it or they would find her a compatible laptop to replace it. That doesn’t work. Dawn and I wanted the one we ordered and paid for.

In the middle of all this, Dawn lost her wallet. You heard me right, she lost her wallet! She called me in a panic and said she couldn’t find her wallet. She said she had been to several places and remembered having her wallet at each place. I asked if she had looked in the car. Yes, she said she had already torn the car apart looking for it. She said she’d been in every room of the house and still couldn’t find it. She called the vet clinic she had visited and left a message asking them to please call her back. I called the Best Buy store. NO, no wallet there.

I called her back and she said she was still looking around the house. She said she remembered having it at each location she visited and that maybe it somehow it fell out of her pocket. She was really panicked and said she was feeling sick to her stomach. I tried to reassure her that it would be o.k. but that didn’t work very well.

A couple of hours later Dawn called me back to tell me she had found her wallet. I asked where she found it and she said “right where she left it!!!” It was in the house the entire time in plain sight. She was in such a panic she just didn’t see it.

On Wednesday morning Dawn drove to the Best Buy where we originally bought the laptop and talked to the customer service department. They placed a call to the other store. The other store did indeed have a few of the laptops. Dawn told them she would drive the twenty miles to pick it up in person.

When Dawn arrived at the other location, they did have the laptop set aside with her name on it. Finally! But remember this laptop was on sale when we bought it. The sale ended last Saturday. The order had been canceled by Best Buy when they decided they couldn’t deliver it to the store where we purchased it. So now we have to purchase it again. Another problem, it was ringing up at the regular price. Dawn gave the cashier the paperwork we had received from the other store when we originally bought it and pointed out the sale price. The cashier told Dawn that sale price had expired and it is now full price. Wrong! Dawn asked for the store manager. That took a while! When the store manager did show up, she was already well aware of the situation and instructed the cashier to charge the sale price. Thank You.

We received an email last night from Best Buy stating us that our order was ready for pickup at the Mesquite store. You got to be kidding! That order was canceled. This morning we received an email asking for our input on our recent purchase. They want us to fill out a survey. O.K! They asked for it!

I recieved this one from a friend

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Oh my! We had Best Buy issues like that a few years ago. I swore I'd never shop there again. I have but only for little stuff. I refuse to spend big money there ever again.
    Be sure to check your CC account and make sure they actually credited the first charge back to you!

  2. I would be making them eat the entire price of the laptop! I know a place you could have gotten one for half that price, I bet you know the name of it, lol.

  3. Omigosh. I HATE that lost wallet feeling, or lost glasses, and another story too hysterical to even repeat here...lost teeth. yeah that. Glad you found the wallet and hopefully the laptop will all work out as well. I just ordered a new Dell from the Dell outlet, hopefully delivered properly and on time.

  4. Poor Dawn...I have had that sinking feeling of losing my purse and someone writing bad checks all over the place...At least she found it...she was probably so upset by the Best Buy debacle that she just forgot where she put it....You two deserve some qualtity time "on the road"....coming soon to your neighborhood...LOL

  5. There's nothing worse than the feeling of losing a wallet and it always seems to happen when one is already frazzled! Glad you finally got your laptop but what a lot of hassle. I'm at the point now with any of these stores that if I can't walk out with the product, I just don't buy it.

  6. Wow! What a day!!! I am glad Dawn found her wallet and you received such great customer service from Best Buy.....LOL!! Hopefully everything is straightened out??????????

    Take a deep breath!

  7. That's the thing I find is lacking in this generation...customer service! Glad all worked out in the end.

  8. my goodness!..what a day you all had!..good for you for sticking to you 'guns' with regards to the sale price on the laptop!..darn big box stores!!

  9. Let the fun begin! :) I'm sure your life will be hectic in the short term, but it will all be over before you know it and you can relax while slowly rolling down the road at your own pace. Hang in there!

  10. More and more different big stores are treating us like throw-away customers. Part of what is wrong in our world today. Seems like none of them do what they say they will do, no excuse, just don't do it. I would have loved to see your survey... :)

  11. WOW that sure was some run around you had to deal with. Glad everything worked out in the end.

    Love the comic.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. I think sometimes we have crazy days like that to make us appreciate the good days. We really dislike Best Buy for service. We do shop there occasionally but not for anything that requires service.