Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trashy old Broads

It has suddenly accrued to us that we’re just a couple of trashy old broads. That’s right, you heard it here first. We’ve only just realized this after taken notice to all the trash we have gathered and thrown out.

O.K, maybe it wasn't that bad! It just seems like it.

We have been busy cleaning out a small out building we have and most of what we have taken out has been placed in the trash pile. We did find a few treasures but for the most part it has been nothing but trash. At one point it was all good STUFF but over time the contents of this building has deteriorated. Some of this STUFF has been in this out building for more than thirty years. We have filled at least sixteen large contractors’ bags full of old papers, boxes, clothes and assorted miscellaneous trash.

O.K, maybe there weren't that many bags. It just seems like it.

We only have two more days to get this trash loaded up for the annual city clean up and we have been busy. Our small flat bed trailer is stacked pretty high with big black bags.

Once we unload all this trash I suppose we can be referred to as the Former Trashy Old Broads!

Anyway, that is what we have been doing this week. Next week will be a whole new adventure!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Don't feel bad trashy ladies...we're trashy too!

  2. What a cute post!! We all could do without a lot of the crap we have, but very few of us are willing to let it go. Happy trashing.... :)

  3. Be free!!! Hahaha....I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff. Well maybe not the process, but the result anyway. :)

  4. That first picture looks like my basement. Who snuck all that stuff down there when I wasn't looking? :c)

  5. Sure would have made a good name for a blog "Two Trashy Old Broads Blogging".

  6. You've done some serious purging!

  7. Love this blog title! I'm just getting caught back up and you guys are really moving on. Congratulations!


  8. Too funny! Just catching up on blogs. Won't be long and you will be out on the road! :)