Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trashy Work

35 More Days!

We spent another weekend moving STUFF to the storage unit. Luckily it’s less than a mile from our house so it doesn’t take long to take a load over. We moved more furniture on Saturday. And are now down to the bare essentials.

We moved a lot of framed art and mirrors that we wrapped in cardboard. We moved a few more boxes and still have more to move.

This weekend is the community clean up day and we plan on taking full advantage of the free service. The volunteer fire department has large dumpsters set out and they will unload all your old lumber, fencing, dried up paint and the likes. We spent yesterday loading all we could out of an old small storage building. I really should stop and clear something up before I get into trouble. Dawn and my son are the ones that cleaned out the building. My allergies are so bad I have a difficult time breathing in all that dust. It rained on and off all day. They worked in between the rain storms. They got a lot done and will work on it again today to finish it up.

The following weekend we are planning on the last big garage sale. That’s right; it will be our last garage sale. We have decided to hold it on a Friday and Saturday. What doesn’t sell will be donated to our local charity to be sold in their thrift store.

The weeks following that will be designated to painting the interior of the house and doing a thorough cleaning. We want the place to look like a brand new house when the new owners move in.

Still making progress!!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise