Monday, April 11, 2011

Work and Bargins

This was a busy weekend. Friday night we had dinner with friends. We had a great visit and the evening was very relaxing. Saturday we worked in the RV garage getting one side cleaned out so the new owners could store a few things. After a few hours of that we decided to run some errands. We drove to Greenville for a CB’s burger. This is a small burger place that has been around since 1941. It is family owned and operated. The hamburgers are cooked to order and they melt in your mouth. I’ve never had a burger anywhere that even compares to the CB’s Burger. We stuffed ourselves with burgers and fries.

I had a gift card for Atwood’s. We found a couple of bargains. I found a fleece lined hoody for seven dollars and a large knee cushion (will come in handy when I have to pull the pin on the landing legs). Dawn found a pair of gloves. We left there and drove back to Rockwall. We made a stop by Walgreen’s. There we found a few really nice t-shirts for two dollars each.

After Walgreens we stopped by Target. We found a really good deal on a small Kodiak digital camera. It’s a 12 megapixels with a 5x optical zoom. It’s a very slim little camera and it was just what we needed for those times it’s not practical to carry our large expense Nikon. The camera was a display and it was marked down to $58.00. We talked to the salesclerk and he said if we were interested in buying that camera he would mark down the price even better since it was a display. We told him we were definitely interested but wanted to make sure it worked first. He plugged it in and we played with it for a minute. Everything seemed fine so we bought it. We also bought a replacement battery and a memory card, both of which were also on clearance. The camera retails for $119.00, but we got the camera, spare battery, 4G memory card and a carrying case for less than $100.00.

Dawn also found a Sony under cabinet Radio/CD player/Clock that she wanted for the 5th wheel bedroom. It was also on clearance. Oh Happy Day! We love finding good deals.

When we got home I installed the Radio/CD player in the bedroom for dawn. I installed it under the overhead cabinet above the dresser. It fit perfectly and is great for the bedroom. It also has a remote control.

Sunday Dawn mowed the yard and I did some laundry and cleaned around the house. We also loaded over thirty totes into the front of the horse trailer. I’m talking over thirty, twenty gallon and larger totes packed full of STUFF. We finally had to call it quits for the day. We’ll load a few totes and boxes into the trailer every afternoon until we get it filled. Once it is filled, we’ll take it to storage to be unloaded.

OMG. We are soooo sore. I can hardly raise my arms.

We’re making progress!!!!!

We didn't get much sleep last night due to the terrible storm that blew through about midnight and lasted until around four this morning. One of our big dogs had several seizures and Abby was terrified. She doesn't do well with storms.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise