Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Haven't Left Yet

We didn't leave today as planned. We still have a few things to wrap up here. My favorite uncle (Q.B) pasted away on Monday at 77 years old. He has been fighting cancer for the last year. His memorial service is scheduled for Saturday. My brother has asked to stay in the area so we could attend his daughters graduation party on Sunday.  We will be pulling out of here on this weekend for sure. Looks like we will be staying local for a little while.

Let me just say that we are two very tired fat girls. We have been working our butts off ( we wished it was that easy). Today we made good progress and I am here to tell you that when we do pull out of here and find us a spot to park, that I'm going to park my big ole butt and rest for awhile.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise