Friday, June 17, 2011

A Day in the Life

This morning we had to return our RedBox movies. We also stopped by tractor supply and did a little shopping. We bought a small 2 gallon electric air compressor. It claims to do 120 PSI. We haven't used it et, but will soon find out if it will work for us. They were on sale and only had one left. We have decided it would be much easier to have our own compressor so we don't have to spend time looking for the air at the stations.

We haven't seen anymore deer. This is our current camp site.

Our view is great. In the following picture you will notice a dirt trail. This is a trail that the deer follow thru the park.

We are spending most of our time indoors due to the terrible heat. Dawn is suffering with cluster headaches once again and the extreme heat is NOT helping.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise