Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quiet Day

Thanks for all the well wishes you sent for my son. He had the packing removed yesterday and said he felt much better afterwards. The doctor will be removing the splints on Friday. He ate pizza and anything else he could get his hands on after leaving the doctors office. He should be good as new if not better next week.

Today was a quiet day and we did laundry again.

This is our site at Dangerfield State Park, Big Pine area. Notice all the large pines and the wonderful lake view. We have full hookups for $20.00 per night

The park has a beautiful 80 acre lake with a trail that goes around the lake

This is the view from our front door. Each site in the Big Pine area are long pull thru's and each site is separated on each side with lots of trees. Can't see your neighbors and they can't see you!
It is sad to see the pines dropping their needles now. The extreme heat and lack of rain is killing a lot of trees and plants in this area.
Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. glad to hear that your son is on the mend and got his appetite back!!..nice looking site you have!!!

  2. I've had those "quite" days. When I'm not quite sure what I want to do. Or when I don't quite feel like making dinner.
    Sorry, I'm perhaps showing a bit too much of my "mean streak"?

    I KNOW you wanted to say "Quiet". yes?

    You may now flame me to your heart's content. I'm a big boy, (with sometimes a bigger mouth) so I can take it. (I think) Not quite sure.
    (OK, I'll stop now)

  3. What a beautiful site! and $20 to boot!

  4. What a beautiful campground. I can almost smell those pine needles.

  5. will have to remember that state park when we travel back to NC

  6. You aren't far from Texarkana...We always stop at Wright Patman Army Corp campground Clear Springs. It is really nice..they have tons of gorgeous pines or you can stay right on the lake....Make sure you don't enter the park from Rt 59, which runs North and South..not Rt 67 which runs East and West...There is a very steep railroad crossing from 67 and not possible for RV's..But Clear Springs is a very nice place..No full hookups though.

  7. That is a nice place for $22 a night. Much higher here in VT and NH.

  8. What a nice looking park. It looks like your spaces are nice and private and I would like that. Glad your son is doing better.

  9. Nice park and great price. What a beautiful view.

  10. FHU for $20 and such a beautiful park, what a deal! So glad your son is doing better. :)

  11. So beautiful. Wish we could have made it in October, but hope to meet up with you guys there another time