Monday, August 8, 2011

Haven't Gotten Very Far

“You guys sure haven’t gotten very far” We hear that from a lot people lately. It’s true, we haven’t gotten very far. The truth of the matter, we have encountered a few things that have kept us close to home.

The road will still be there when we’re ready. There are just times when we need to return to our roots to take care of business or be available for a friend.
Those people that laugh and say that we haven’t gotten very far are some of the same people that told us we were crazy to even think that we wanted to fulltime. I still don’t understand why those people can’t be more supportive.

We had already planned to be back in this area in early November so Dawn could take care of some medical issues. Dawn has Graves Disease and has to have blood work done every six months. So our plan now is to stay in this general area until after her doctor’s appointment.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise