Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Are Busy Girls

Home Turf, Site; Driveway
Rockwall, Texas
Weather Condition; High 76, Low 51,

We’ve been busy since we arrived back on our home turf. Dawn had her blood work and her semiannual doctor’s appointment. I’ve had a lot of dental work done. I had a root canal, three teeth pulled, six fillings and a deep cleaning. My dentist is really gentle and my recovery was quick.

We have cleaned and conditioned the roof of the fiver. We have also taken a few things to storage.

Today Dawn did some laundry and reorganized her closet and I reorganized the basement.  

We have bought a few new must have RV items. We needed new tire chocks. We really like these and they were the only ones we could use because our tires are so close together.

We bought much needed tire covers. Camping World had a sale a while back that these tire cover buy-one-get-one-free.

I have needed this clear drain elbow for a while now. It sure helps when draining the tanks and is really helpful when we clean our black tank.

 This cap has come in handy since we’ve been here. It enables us to drain our gray water into the very large cracks in the ground.

We have a few more chores to take care of before we pull out of here on the 28th.


  1. Where are you going on the 28th??? You two sure have gotten lots done on your home turf! Find someplace warm to land for Jan and Feb...Have you ever been to Arizona?...Hickiwan Trails RV Park in Why, AZ is an awesome spot..Not sure, but we may be there...and maybe Kelly and Al.

  2. I bought one of those covers with the place to hook up a hose to drain the gray water - haven't had a chance to use it yet though.

  3. George got those tire covers too. Haven't seen them on the tires yet tho! He really likes the clear elbow as well.

  4. As dry as it is in Texas, a little gray water on the ground is probably a welcomed refreshment.
    My mouth hurts just thinking about all that dental work at one time.

  5. While I have to sheepishly admit that I do tend to "skim" over blogs from time to time ('cause I just SO busy. *snort*) you stopped me in my tracks with the dentist's visit.
    Holy crap on a cracker! That's a lot of work! Sure hope it's "all better".
    I mean, I HAVE had all those things done, but it was over the last fifty some odd years, not all at once. Oy!

    I'm still reeling.

  6. The dentist visit got me too - yikes!!