Monday, March 19, 2012

Bad Experience

Today was the ladies luncheon here at Coastal Oaks RV Resort. All the ladies go someplace and have lunch together once a month. This month we decided to have lunch in Fulton at Moon Dogs.  Moon Dogs isn’t a very big restaurant.
With that said, Dawn and I drove over on Friday afternoon to make sure they would be open on Monday. The hostess said she thought they would be open. Dawn asked if the girl could find out for sure because we had approximately sixteen ladies that would be coming for lunch. Another girl came over to the hostess stand and the hostess asks her if they would be open on Monday. Dawn explained that she just needed to make sure they would be open on Monday because we had a large group of ladies coming for lunch.

At that point, the second girl told Dawn with a snappy attitude that they would be open and do not take reservations.  Dawn said she wasn’t there to make reservations. She was there to make sure they would be open on Monday because no one answered the phone when she called an hour earlier.

Anyway, we went back to the park and told everyone that we would be having lunch on Monday at Moon Dogs.

Monday everyone loaded up into five vehicles and drove over to Moon Dogs for lunch. After everyone pulled into the parking lot and starting getting out of the vehicles, I noticed a man coming out of the back door of the restaurant waving his arms over his head yelling something in our direction. Dawn walked over to see what he was saying. He yelled out that they were closed. Dawn told him that we had driven over on Friday to make sure they would be open for our luncheon. With a hateful attitude he told her that his restaurant was closed for cleaning. He said that he had been extremely busy serving about 700 people the last few days and needed to close for cleaning. Dawn told him that was fine but someone should have told her that on Friday. He told her that he didn’t know who told her that they would be open. Dawn described the girls to him and he told her he didn’t know why they told her they would be open. He then walked away.

Everyone loaded back up into the vehicles and drove down the street to Hammerheads.

They were very friendly and accommodating. We had a very good lunch and our waitress was great.

Even though we had a large party our waitress was friendly and got every ones order right and she had a smile on her face. 

Needless to say she received an extremely generous TIP.

Lesson learned today, everyone in our party said they would not be visiting Moon Dogs anytime soon if ever again. 


  1. wow talk about terrible customer service to say the least...its a wonder with the staff you've encountered at Moon Dogs that they have any business...glad you found somewhere else quickly and got good service..

  2. Bad PR for Moondogs...and their loss...Good for you for finding an alternative...and a good time...lesson learned...Moondogs was a "dog".

  3. It all worked out, and that's good.
    I think the first clue would/should have been, if they're too stupid to answer a phone during regular business hours, that's a sign right there, that you don't want to eat there. They're all a bunch of dumb asses. Plain and simple.
    In all likelihood, you "dodged a bullet" since even if the place had been open, the attitude of the staff, which has been carried over from the supposed owner would have made for a bad experience.
    Let's just put it this way, who cares how many customers they had on the weekend? That's your job you dope! It's called "management" for a reason.
    Honestly! How is it that completely stupid people can manage to run a business? Are their customers that stupid too? It's good to see you were not one of them. You should feel good about that.
    I can call the busiest restaurant here in Vienna, (and trust me, you need reservations) and that phone never, ever rings more than four or five times. The place is hopping like a well oiled machine. And that's why they're busy. Not "closed on a Monday".
    I'm just shaking my head here.

  4. Maybe the health department had issues with them,and they didn't want to fess up :)
    Glad that Hammerheads was accommodating!

  5. Maybe you should print up this blog post (complete with comments) and send it to the manager.

  6. I would definitely write that place off my list and let others know of their rudeness! There is just NO excuse for that!! Glad things turned out well and you all had a great luncheon. :-)

  7. Can you imagine what the food and service must be like at Moon Dogs? Yep, you probably dodged a bullet at that place. Glad it all worked out at Hammerheads.

  8. Too bad because they did have good food but I can not abide a bad attitude -too many other good places to eat.

  9. I am always amazed in these economic times that customer service is not at the top of the list of must dos for every business but far too many times we have seen that they don't have a clue. Glad you found an accommodating place nearby.

  10. What a bummer! Then Moon Dogs owner complains that his business is going downhill. Too bad for him.

    Glad that Plan B worked out and you had a great time. It was meant to be.