Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthdays, Dinners and the Beach

Last week was a busy week for us. We helped our friend Jim celebrate his 75th birthday with cake, ice cream and friends.
Jim the birthday boy!
Seven of us got together and tried out a seafood restaurant that none of us had been to. Let’s say it was wonderful. Shempy’s is a small place with great food. Our tabled order hamburgers fish and shrimp. Everyone said they were very happy with their meal.

We also had to say our good-byes to three more winter Texans.
Carol, Charlie and Shadow

Our friends Jim and Marsha also pulled out and headed back north. I'm sorry to say I didn't get a picture of them before they left.

We also spent a day with Bob and Pauline. They drove us over to Port Aransas and we spent the afternoon on the beach.
Pauline and Bob

After soaking up the sun we had lunch at a bar and grill that Bob highly recommended. He claimed they had the best burger around.

The place is kind of a hole in the wall, called Wild Horse Bar & Grill. We have now added it to our favorite place to eat list! We had peanuts (throw the shell on the floor). We all ordered burgers. Man, were they good!

On the ferry ride back, we were at the front of the ferry and I got a few shots of the dolphin’s playing in the water in front of us.