Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goliad, Texas

Dawn and I took a little road trip yesterday. We left Rockport and drove Business  Highway 35 to Highway 239. Normally there isn't much to look at driving that route. It's mostly large farms with plowed fields and grazing pastures with cows. Yesterday was different. The drive was beautiful because of the miles and miles of wild flowers.

The drive from Rockport to Goliad is approximately 70 miles. We stopped along the way and took pictures of wild flowers and windmills.

We decided to go ahead and stop by the Goliad State Park and check it out. I'm so glad we did. It is a very cool state park. The rangers are very friendly and welcoming. Thanks Dennis and Donna for telling us to check it out.

We toured the mission. WoW! this mission is really something to see.

We look forward to returning when we have more time to really enjoy our surroundings.