Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Tires

We’ve been busy doing some spring cleaning. We’ve defrosted the frig. Waxed our counter tops and wiped down the ceiling.

Wednesday we drove to Corpus Christi to Discount tire. Awhile back I noticed we had a bubble on the side wall of our front drivers tire.  We found a discount tire that had just opened for business. We bought these tires from discount tire in Rockwall about a year ago. The manager looked it over and said there was definitely a bubble. He said it appeared to be at the seam.  No problem, they agreed to replace it. We also had the tire rotated while we were there. We love doing business with them.

Thursday our friends Jim and Marsha pulled out heading home to Wisconsin. The park is starting to look very bare now. Now there are only a few people from the winter left. The summer people are still moving in one trailer at a time.

On Friday night we joined some other people at the club house for a birthday shrimp boil. Dawn made gumbo and Bobbi made broccoli salad. We had a mess of food! Marg made a wonderful berry upside down cake. There was about sixteen of us and we had food left at the end of the evening. Jim the birthday boy was surprised!

Abby always helps me when I'm at the computer.